2020 Goals for TWG

by Ivy Knight May 4, 2020
2020 Goals for TWG

We’re only into the 5th month of 2020 and it’s seriously been a long year. Of course at the top of the year, we were setting goals and making plans for things we wanted to accomplish. Designating those short term goals to push us closer the bigger ones is just part of a process that makes sense…right? But coronavirus has thrown all of our lives for a loop and absolutely nothing makes sense these days. That’s why I’m sharing my 2020 goals for The Weekend Girl. Yes, in the middle of quarter 2!

I know I couldn’t have been the only person feeling the pressure to increase content sharing during this time. Jenee’ over at HighLowLuxxe makes us all look bad by the way; homegirl is literally killing the “quarantine content” on YouTube. But honestly for me, even being confined to the house has my mind all over the place. The new schedule I put in place was blown out the water and I’m feeling like I need to get a grip and quickly! Here’s what I’m working on for this year.

Blog More Consistently

While my ultimate goal is to create content for women who work a full time job and have a side hustle they want to scale to full time, and create streams of income for myself, I do realize there are things that have to happen prior to doing so. Blogging quality content on a consistent basis is like my “open for business sign.” I have to let my audience and potential brands know that I’m here, that my content is relevant and that I can do this well!

Build My Email List

The next thing I’m putting laser focus on is building my email list. As bloggers or anyone occupying online space attempting to leverage sales of any kind (beit it an actual product, information or service), we know that we don’t own any information on social media. An email list, on the other hand, we do own! Whether Instagram is crashing or you’re drowning in Facebooks ads that aren’t relevant to you; that email list is always going to be popping! This is your audience that signed up specifically for whatever you have to offer!

Pitch a Brand

I’ve never pitched a brand before and thinking about it makes my palms sweat. I don’t know what the field is going to look like following the current health crisis as far as budgets for campaigns but I remain optimistic–along with doing that research. Ultimately, if I want to progress toward creating another stream of income then it’s got to get done. Blogging more consistently and building my email list will allow me the leverage I need to pitch a brand. These two things only build the foundation for pitching, but they aren’t the bulk. There’s an entire art to pitching. See Mattie James for the deets; the girl has got skin in the game for sure! I bought her First Paid Kit in 2018 and it’s a gold mine of info on best practices to prepare to pitch brands!

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that learning to fine tune your goals (and focus) is so important. There’s always so much to do and I’d struggled on how to get clear enough to do it. Focus has taught me how to get clear, and getting clear has taught me how to prioritize my tasks so I can become more productive. Actually sharing my 2020 goals for The Weekend Girl surely is a reminder to get more disciplined so I can hit each one before the year is out! Have you re-vamped your 2020 goals? Share them with me in the comments below and on IG!

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