3 Things NOT To Do First Thing in the Morning

by Ivy Knight July 10, 2019
3 Things NOT To Do First Thing in the Morning

What you do first thing in the morning sets the foundation for your day. It also triggers our brains to create habits for doing the same things time and time again. As the idea behind 21 Ninety states, it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. Quite frankly, it’s easier to create a habit than it is to break one. Let’s get into 3 things you should avoid first thing in the morning!

Check social media or watch the news

Social media is full of so many positive and energizing things. It’s also full of varying perspectives some good and some bad. There’s so much noise on social media and you can’t really control any of it. Use this time to say those affirmations, read a plan on the bible app, meditate or even a light work out. Start your day reflection or intentional ideas to fill your own mind, rather than letting social media fill it for you.

Skip breakfast

Im so guilty! Sometimes I’m not hungry and other times I just don’t make the time! I talk about making time for things in 5 Simple Things for a Smoother Morning Routine. The saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I say it keeps the distractions away! How much time do you spend just wondering about what you’re going to eat just because you’re already starving. How much time does it take away from your daily tasks just trying to find a snack to eat to hold you over till lunch. Whether it’s a grab and go kind of morning or you have time to throw some pancake on. Feed your tummy and kick that brain into motion after a good nights rest!

Hit the snooze button

Don’t do it! Have you ever hit the snooze button and fallen into a deeper sleep? As the morning progresses, your circadian clock is at the awakening stages, thus your sleep is naturally lighter. When you hit the snooze button you tell your mind the sleep cycle is starting all over again. Boom, you’ve slept for an extra 45 minutes. It’s better to even let the alarm clock be, and continue to go off. Get up, get into gear and get ready to conquer your day! if you have to, talk yourself through getting up with what you’re grateful for. Sounds silly but it works!

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