5 Ways to Draw Unlimited Inspiration

by Ivy Knight October 1, 2018
5 Ways to Draw Unlimited Inspiration

In a world full of preoccupied, overly stressed and plugged in people, genuine inspiration is hard to come by. It’s so easy for us to forget our own ideas, because we’re literally consumed with everyone else’s results, opinions and highlights. Before you know it, you’ve lost yourself in rushed comparisons and half-assed imitations.

My wish is for every creative, content creator, writer, etc. to experience a limitless flow of inspiration. In order for us each to live a purpose-filled life we thoroughly enjoy, doing what we actually like is necessary! So, I’m sharing 5 ways to draw unlimited inspiration!


Begin everyday with thankfulness

You’d be surprised how one little thing such as expressing thankfulness, can shift your perspective. Literally, say “thank you” as soon as you open your eyes, before your feet hit the floor. You might feel silly the first couple times but commit to it! Doing this automatically focuses your energy towards finding more things to be thankful for, no matter how big or small. Setting the tone for your day, by saying “thank you” naturally opens you up to having more positive and productive thoughts. Where does creativity stem from? Energy that is focused and rooted in positivity! How do you find positive energy? Find something, anything to be thankful for!


Girl, you need to unplug

If the first thing you do in the morning is roll over and scroll social media, you need to reevaluate…ASAP. Social media is filled with glamorous highlight reels, people “living their best life” and nonsensical clutter. While that may motivate some people to level up to their insta-faves, for most of us it’s a never ending distraction (addictive scrolling) that leads to uneven comparisons of our own lives. Put your phone away, turn off the tv and get inspired by something that challenges you in a different way. Listen to Mattie James talk about unplugging in an episode of The Mattie James Show: “How to Cure Creative Burnout”


Read a novel or magazine…or something

Whether it’s fiction, a self help book, or the latest issue of a style magazine, grab something to read! Reading is one of the best ways to get fresh ideas. When you read, your imagination is forced to create a picture to go along with what you’re consuming. If it’s a self help book, you’ll begin to picture yourself actually doing the things the guide talks about, if its a fiction novel you’ll position yourself into that world. The point is to find a new level of inspiration, ingenuity and resourcefulness in unexpected places, doing unexpected things.


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Write It Out

How many times have you had “the best idea ever” and you were so excited about it that you said “I don’t need to write that down, I could never forget that”…then bam, you forgot. One of the sure fire ways to always have a point of reference for those bomb ideas you keep having, is to write it down. Keep track of the ideas you have, then you can polish them, get more ideas from them or scratch them all together. You could even keep a daily journal just talking about your day in general, things you’ve learned and what you want to improve on. You’d be surprised all the newness that could stem from things you’ve got bottled up in that brain of yours! Go ahead and give it a try.


Get Some Fresh Air

There’s nothing like taking a walk (without your phone) and getting that burst of fresh air. You could take a walk, sit on the porch, lay down in the park, it doesn’t matter there’s just something about smelling the air, feeling a breeze listening and being still. Completely unplugged from the web, you get to really see all the beautiful things going on around you. Being out in nature is steadfast way to hit the reset button and energize the creativity giant in you!

I encourage all of you to take any one of these suggestions to re-channel your energy to get re-inspired!

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