9 Fun Group Date Night Ideas for Summer

by Ivy Knight July 11, 2018
9 Fun Group Date Night Ideas for Summer

So you want to plan a fun group date night, but no idea how? It’s always a struggle trying to find an activity that every one will enjoy when you’re dealing with multiple people. So here’s an idea….you decide! The only thing the other couples should have to do is say whether or not they can make it, then show up! So often we get into relationships and forget about the other people we’re connected to.  Having reliable and relatable friendships with other healthy couples is extremely important. After all a healthy relationship is one that has balance.

I’m sharing 9 unique date night ideas you can thoroughly enjoy with a group of other couples. All you have to do is plan it, invite your “couple besties” and have fun!

Escape Room 

The escape room concept has been around for a minute. Each room comes with a different theme and different tasks to complete. Once you’re locked inside, you and the other couples will have to use clues found inside the room in order to get out….oh, did I mention your escape is timed? So you better hurry up before the clock runs out! This activity is perfect for group date night because it’s definitely a group effort! So tone up on those communication skills with your partners and rely on the suggestions of other couples with opinions other than your own.

 Take a Boat Ride on the Marina

 Water activities are the perfect fit for your itinerary for date night, or day. Not all of these require extreme physical activity either. Rent a boat, pack your own food and specialty drinks or visit one of the lakeside restaurants but whatever you do don’t forget your sunscreen! Spark some conversations and listen to some nice music. Soak it up!

Chateau Elan Winery

This place is absolutely gorgeous! With stunning views and an array of chic activities to chose from, I think the chateau paired with the winery creates such a romantic mood. Chose from sitting in on a wine tasting and have a tour, or even stay for a few nights! I definitely think it’s worth a stay because there’s no way you can soak in the full experience in just a few hours! You should definitely consider this option for a quick couples getaway!

Take a Cooking Class

Food has always been a way to connect people and make them feel good. Preparing food with people you hold dear to your heart opens you up to something amazing. Food shares a significant role in all of our lives and creating a meal together can only strengthen those bonds. Simply put, food is the way to anyone’s heart. If you want to get closer, just cook a meal together.

Jazz Matters at The Wrens Nest

Fun is where the good music and great friends are! Grab your foldable table, a couple bottles of your favorite wine and meet your friends under the stars! The night is filled with amazing music that will have you on your feet swaying to the rhythm, or staring in complete awe. One of the two, there is no in-between. You’re free to bring all the food and drinks you want!

Take a Stroll

Now here’s a very chill option. Meet up with some neighbor couples and go for a walk just as the sun is setting. You can even bring the kids to tire them out before bed. This time of year the fireflies are out and nice breeze is sure to swing your way every now and again. Let the kiddies run a few steps in front of you and kiss your hubby under the stars for no reason at all. Taking a walk can be therapeutic and romantic at the same time!

Game Night

Host an adult game night! Make some drinks, if that’s your thing, set out the saucy wings buy some board games or come up with your own! The point is just to have an endless amount of laughs and fun without having to spend an outrageous amount of money. Whether it’s a game of charades, cards night, or even the game using that silly mouthpiece from the dentists office, get creative and chill out! Or, you know, you could actually watch a game. That always works too.

Candlelight Back yard  BBQ

Here’s another very chill and inexpensive way to spend an evening with other couples! Everyone pitch in a few bucks (okay, maybe more than a few) buy some great food, throw it on the grill, light those candles or string up some cute lights in the back yard and turn on some good music. Get those good vibes going, eat, drink and enjoy the evening.

Salsa Class

Take a dance lesson! Of course salsa requires two people so why not bring your spouse and have other couples join the fun too! Most classes have a required minimum of participants before the class can even start, so the more the merrier. How fun would it be to have your friends there to dance it out with you! So what you’ve never taken a salsa lesson before, that’s the beauty of it all. Throw all caution to the wind and get those hips moving!

Get out of the house, or not and enjoy yourselves! Including other couples in your experiences adds even more value to your  memories. It’s a beautiful thing to have memories with your own significant other, but the bonds you create with other couples can last just as long!
Happy date night!

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