9 Podcasts You Definitely Should’ve Heard by Now

by Renese Ames July 2, 2018
9 Podcasts You Definitely Should’ve Heard by Now

If you haven’t heard–and I mean literally, if you haven’t heard, podcasts are IT! and now is the time to get familiar. Podcasts are one of the most contemporary and popular mediums to share information and entertainment for millennials. They offer an enjoyable listening experience without the interruption of commercials, but also create platforms for the lesser known individuals. They’re reminiscent of having an open conversation with your best friends where no topic is off the table–tbh I prefer my entertainment and news that way. Give it to me straight! No filters, no sugar coating, just raw & uncut, you know? With so many podcasts being created daily it can become quite overwhelming to scour through them all. Luckily for you, I’m a paramour of podcasts and I am here to help you navigate through the vast seas of digital audio.

First things first, you have to figure out exactly what you’re interested in. Podcasts vary in topics from music to sports to politics, to just plain fun. Whatever it is you’re into, I can guarantee there’s a podcast for you. So what are the 9 podcasts that you’re missing out on? Let’s dig in!

The Read

Meet Crissle West and Kid Fury. Two New York City transplants navigating through the city all the while delivering weekly shade on current hip hop and pop culture. With these two no one is safe, well unless your name is Beyonce or Blue Ivy–of course. Speaking of Beyonce, if you missed her performance at Coachella, listen to their episode Beychella they cover it so well it’s as if you’re there. Listen here

The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal

Here we have hip-hop vet, Joe Budden, who delivers his unbiased opinion on the current state of hip hop. Accompanying him are his friends Rory & Mal who offer their own personal insight on music, ranging from mumble rap to the hip hop legends. Listen here

Therapy for Black Girls

Licensed phycologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, opens up weekly and talks about something that doesn’t get enough coverage, mental health. Dr. Bradford creates a space offering listeners a guide to becoming a better version of themselves, through personal development tips and more! If you’re interested in more blogs about mental health in our community, check out Creative Smart Girls’ article 5 Mental Health blogs Created for People of Color and Living Over Existings’, The Importance of Adopting a Wellness Mindset. Listen here

Gettin’ Grown

Keia and Jade are two women giving listeners any and all things “adulting.” Whether it’s That Checkup with the Student Loan Doctor,  or knowing when to Throw the Whole “D” Away, these two give real advice on the growing pains of adulting, while they try to figure it out themselves. Seriously, what better way to do therapy than with to girls who get it! Listen here 

Revisionist History

 Former staff writer for the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post,” Malcolm Gladwell, revisits and re-examines an event, person or idea happening in years past. He challenges his listeners to take a second look at prior events, pushing them to reconsider their own conclusions on what they once thought were true. So if you’re looking for additional education (not alternative facts), or assistance in dissecting history from a different angle, I think this podcast would be a good place to start. Listen here

2 Dope Queens

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are two hilariously funny comedians who throw all on the table. These women mesh so well and will undoubtedly have you in tears! If not them, then definitely one of their equally hilarious guests ranging from other comedians to celebrities. The duo has an HBO series of four themed, hour-long specials. Jessica, also stars in a Netflix comedy movie (or is it a series?) titled, “The Incredible Jessica James” and Phoebe has her own solo podcast, Soo Many White Guys, as well as her book, “You Can’t Touch My Hair and Other Things I Still Have to Explain.”  Listen here 

Code Switch

A group of JOC (journalists of color) explore issues of race, culture, and politics about POC in an eye-opening and informative way. It gets real, it gets honest. Listen here 

The Talented 6

The Talented 6 whose name is  derived from W.E.B. Du Bois’ essay “The Talented Tenth,” is a podcast by a group of men who are open, honest, and transparent about various topics ranging from relationships, career advice, finance all from a male perspective. Check out Episode 31: Why do relationships fail within the first six months? Of course, they brought on a guest to get a woman’s perspective. I don’t want to spill the beans but, it’s gooooood. Listen here 

Living Over Existing

Founded by Alisha Byrd, this podcast is a platform designed for women who want to live their life on purpose. With new episodes created weekly, expect to hear from women from different walks of life talk about topics from: Focusing on Quality over Quantity, to The Journey to Financial Independence. Instead of asking ourselves “why can’t we have it all,” take a listen and found out why we can as Alisha lays out the steps to making actually it happen! Listen here 

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  This list is just a peek into the burgeoning podcast universe. With some searching, I’m sure you’ll find something you thoroughly enjoy listening to. The beauty of podcasts are convenience, easy accessibility and most importantly,  a perspective we don’t usually get from mainstream media. If you have an iphone, simply click on the pre downloaded podcast app, hit search and enjoy! For android users the most popular app is Podcast Addict from the Google Play store. You can listen to a podcast while you’re on your daily commute, at the gym, or even in the office while trying to ignore that overly talkative coworker. I know I do! So take a listen to one of the highlighted podcasts I mentioned and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.  











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