A Full 30 Days

by Ivy Knight August 14, 2022
A Full 30 Days

Today makes 30 days. It’s been 30 whole days since I quit my job.

You guys, I cannot even describe how whole, clear, & peace-filled I feel since leaving my corporate job.

The joy I feel when I’m riding down the street, music blasting, running my errands, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! Have you ever been off work during the week & gone out to take care of some lingering adult business? The feeling you get when the sun hits your face, the breeze is just right and you realize, “wow, this feels amazing“. I get to feel that way every single day.

In the last 30 days I’ve become a homeowner, taken 2 trips, and written a very thorough business plan. I’ve also planned out my social media strategy and tapped in with 2 of my mentors. And not to mention, I’ve set a ton of goals & intentions for the next 6-8 months. Yes, it’s been a very exciting time to say the least. BTW, can’t wait for you to see what’s up next with TWG, so stay tuned!

It was just time to leave

Initially, I thought I’d need to take the 1st week to detox from the corporate mindset; but in reality it wasn’t hard. I think that’s why I had so much frustration during my time. Nothing about me was naturally intended to thrive in that atmosphere (nothing wrong with that). On the other hand some people do, and that’s great! I don’t mean that me not thriving was based other people either. in general, the model and culture of corporate industries just doesn’t mesh well with a personality like mine. I think on my feet and I think in advance. Corporate (at least the company I left) is very much “what problem can you solve, right now.” For me, that goes against the grain of anticipate a need, cut out the double work, and solve the damn problem already.

My personality, is big and colorful. It needed to be free, and it needed to thrive were it’s meant to thrive.

I’m excited about my new journey. Of course, I know there’s a lot of work ahead of me but I’m not worried at all! I was made for this!

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Anonymous August 17, 2022 - 2:56 pm

You describe yourself as thinking on your feet and thinking in advance but corporate culture is about what problem can you solve right now; that sounds pretty similar to your personality. I wonder how it differed.

Ivy Knight November 10, 2022 - 3:24 pm

My personality is to do both! LOL. Corporate, at least from my experience, is very tunnel vision and anything outside that tunnel doesn’t get handled until there’s a problem. As a woman in business we have to use foresight. Thanks for commenting! Please share this post.

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