Asking for Help: Tap into Your Tribe

by Ivy Knight July 18, 2019
Asking for Help: Tap into Your Tribe

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It’s no secret that women are hesitant to ask for help. For reasons like, fear of seeming weak, or being asked to justify why we need help in the first place, asking for help is like an exposed nerve.

How many times have you asked someone to help you with something, then immediately start explaining why, you need help? You’re already expecting pushback right? Now ask yourself this, do your male counterparts experience this same insecurity? Is it because they have something we don’t or have we just not tapped into it yet? The answer is yes! It’s called your tribe.

Want a tribe you can rely on? Find a group of like minded women! Here are some women you might want to follow!

Women across diverse backgrounds experience fear of asking for help quite often! The women in your tribe will understand your apprehension and don’t require an explanation. You can be transparent about a need and have that need met? The women in your tribe, get you, they understand what you need and are willing to come through for you…because they’re in need too!

Tap the women in your tribe on the shoulder and ask for help, then offer yours! Don’t have a tribe? Then build one. Get out of that comfort zone, stop holding on to everything and allow yourself to receive what you need. Your tribe is made up of likeminded women who already understand what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling and won’t ask questions.

Kenesha Sneed isn’t afraid to ask some serious questions! Read what she had to say about common challenges for female entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re a mother, a student, a business woman, a wife or just a woman on the go, we all want a place to feel safe enough to ask. I notice the confidence men have, I see how fearless they are when going after something they believe they deserve.

Be fearless in asking for help, girlfriend. Do it for the culture!

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