Balance: Getting Off the Struggle Bus

by Ivy Knight July 8, 2019
Balance: Getting Off the Struggle Bus

Balance is like calculus–everyone is looking for the answer yet no one can seem to get it quite right 100% of the time. For weekend girls like you and me, finding the right formula is crucial to our success and sanity. The truth is, balance is ever changing and it looks different for everyone. So here are 7 things that helped me get closer to finding balance. I don’t always get it right, but it’s definitely a good start!

Holding Yourself Accountable is also a good start too!

Prioritize Your Responsibilities

Whatever is the most important, time sensitive or makes the money should be at the top of your list. If it’s a daily to-do list then the task that may take the longest should be the first to tackle. It also works better if you designate a specific time to have it done for the day. Figuring out what’s most important makes that “to-do” list seem more attainable.

Budget Your Time

After figuring out the order of your priorities, set deadlines whether it’s by date or time. Then break down what smaller tasks contribute to this one bigger item. Set yourself up for success by realizing in order to get this one thing done, there are other steps leading up to it’s completion. We tend to underestimate the amount of time something takes then we get overwhelmed. With pace and a specific plan we can maintain our schedules and lessen the stress, thus contributing to a healthier more realistic balance.

Take an Intermission

Don’t take a break, don’t get detached from your goal, your mission, your task! Yes, you can step away for a designated time. Take some time to refresh and regroup, then revisit! While you refresh, take your mind off what’s in front of you, but don’t make it hard to get back on track after that designated time is up. Regroup, to regain your focus and get ready to work! Revisit the work you’ve started with a renewed perspective and more energy to get it done! You go girl!

Stay Connected

In real life. This is so simple but for some people the concept is really hard. Step away from the computer, put down your phone and make real connections with the people in your life and your network! Real connections is what keeps you grounded!

Courtney Brand-Agbetola Shares 7 Ways She Defines Balance

Celebrate Even the Smallest Achievements

As Courtney put it, quit feeling guilty! It’s time we give ourselves the credit we deserve and have small celebrations for the small things that keep us on track for the bigger celebration. When you do this, you create positive thoughts in your mind which gives you more energy and motivation to push through getting the job done! Give yourself a pat on the back, but it’s not quite time to pop the champagne bottles!

Figure Out Where You Are

Girl, where are you? How are you feeling–physically, mentally and emotionally? Do you need an intermission or are you in the clear to keep going? It’s good to have a tribe to check in on you, but you have to check in with yourself too! Ask yourself these questions. This is what self care looks like. You are important! If you’re not present, what good are you actually doing? It is okay! You are important and we need YOU! The business will only check out if you do.

Reflect. Then Discover.

Whether its your day to day, goals, friendships, work schedules ir commitment…you need to reflect. Do you need to scale back or could you being doing more? Are you as organized as you can be or is there room to improve? Are you approaching balance from a reasonable standpoint? Self evaluate honestly. Then, discover all the ways to move forward.

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