Black Business Mixer Atlanta

by Ivy Knight December 8, 2017
Black Business Mixer Atlanta

Back in October right after my blog launch, I was asked to cover an event called the Black Business Mixer here in Atlanta! I was so excited yet nervous at the same time.  This would be the first time I represented my blog publicly, so I knew whatever I did, it had to be good!

The event was held on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I mean, the absolute perfect fall weather. The venue, Iridium Clothing,  had a layout that was ideal for an event such as networking. The space was intimate enough yet still spacious for all of the  vendors to set up and for us to mingle around a bit.

The Black Business Mixer was created to foster growth, support and investment between black consumers and black businesses. I was completely on board with the vision of this mixer because I understand the importance of solidarity when it comes to circulating our dollars. Over the last two years, I’ve especially tried to be intentional with how and where I spend my money.

Black buying power is so massive guys. Every year, we spend trillions, literally trillions, and black businesses don’t even see a fraction of that. Like something between 2-6 percent! The point is, let’s be more intentional with our spending and try to keep those dollars in our communities a lot longer!

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Catch snippets of the event!

Stay tuned for Part II!

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