The Casual Content Queen

by Ivy Knight February 5, 2023
The Casual Content Queen

Im giving you a new name this year girlfriend. I’m addressing you as the Casual Content Queen! We’re not overthinking and overanalyzing, we’ve got things to do.

In the last post, I mentioned that everything is content. Thinking of it this way, makes producing on a regular basis, much less of a hassle or a chore. It simply means, you have an unlimited amount of opportunities to create. And it doesn’t have to be so formal, drawn out, or even perfect.

  1. You can film content absolutely anywhere. The aesthetics will not always be there, but the message will! Shoot it anyway and make them focus on you. For example; you’ve just had an idea for a reel but you’re on a busy downtown street. Film the video with no words and put what you want to say in the captions. The city vibe is the aesthetic and 78% of people watch the videos without the sound anyway (1:36:56).
  2. Make due with what you’ve got, right now. That goes for equipment, environment, wardrobe, anything! Yes, there will always be room for improvement so you’ll have a chance to get better, later. You have exactly what you need, so start, right now.
  3. It’s not that deep. Limit the amount of retakes you do. If your limit is 5 takes, then take the best shots from each take and put them together. If you don’t give yourself the boundaries, you’d spend hours trying to get one video perfect. You HAVE to post, it’s a non-negotiable. Stick to your limit, shoot the video and keep moving.

The top 2 things I want you to consider when you’re creating your casual content, regardless of the platform you’re posting on.

Am I Being Kind? I wished more people would think about this before they posted. The internet is a crazy space. So before you upload it or even create it, think. If your content isn’t kind, then do not pass go!

Is this helpful? Always keep your audience, and the relevance of your topic at the forefront of anything you do. I’m hoping that you have a really good connection with your audience, so you should know them pretty well. This will help you determine what they’d respond to and engage with. Whether they’re asking/answering questions, giving feedback on products, or even making their own connections in the comments.

If it falls into both of these categories, everything else is easy peezy! Remember, “done is better than perfect”, so we are no longer aiming to have all the “things” in order. Sis, just post the content!

The best content on social media is kind and helpful. But it’s also authentic, straightforward, and super relatable. Yes, I want you to look good and feel crazy confident while you’re doing it. But if you feel like you’ve been over-thinking it, you have! Keep it cute, and casual girlfriend and let’s get this show on the road!

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