Cheers to This Year, with La Marca Prosecco

by Ivy Knight January 1, 2021
Cheers to This Year, with La Marca Prosecco

This year, we’re taking things to a whole other level! One part sparkling bubbly, one part pure magic is the recipe we all need to conquer the next 12 months. Have a glass of the best bubbly with me as we ring in 2021.

A good girlfriend of mine (Kela Walker) said, “normalize luxury in your life”. I nearly fell out of my chair, because she’s completely right! Kela’s comment made me realize I didn’t need a reason to be myself, get dressed or open that “good bottle” of wine–or in this case, champagne! In fact it was actually a reminder to “celebrate the big and small moments” while living my life boldly and unapologetically. If you want to prance around the house in a ballgown, go right ahead! And if you’re feeling the exact opposite, C’est La Vie!

Giving me permission to make everyday sparkle is all the encouragement I need to do this year right!

That’s why, I’m bringing in the New Year with La Marca Prosecco!

Being able to get out of bed, get dressed, or let go of something that no longer serves you was no easy feat last year, so you deserve to celebrate! Now, take a sip. Launching businesses, re-branding, helping kids with virtual learning, surely, was no walk in the park! Now, take another sip!

I love that La Marca Prosecco, believes in celebrating moments big and small. Sometimes, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the hard work we’ve done. So give yourself a confidence boost & recognize how far you’ve come. We deserve all the good coming to us this year!

For those super special moments, and ones that need a little–or a lot of sparkle, celebrate this year by having a glass of La Marca Prosecco with me!

Pinkies up, beauties, TWG is in for one hell of a ride!

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