Consistency & Self-Accountability

by Ivy Knight June 24, 2019
Consistency &  Self-Accountability

We always hear people say “the key to doing anything well is consistency.” While that rolls of the tongue easy, those of us pushing for it know it’s easier said than done. Plainly put, consistency is the hardest to master. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. If you have 5 children or no children, work one job or 3, it’s hard for everyone! So what’s the secret sauce to being exceedingly consistent? The real keys to maintaining this unicorn is to pair consistency with self accountability.

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What’s Consistency?

Ask yourself, how many times can you duplicate the same results or better? Can you take note of and execute the same processes over and over again? That’s consistency!

Why Self Accountability?

It’s the most readily available resource! It comes directly from you and requires self evaluation, honesty and transparency. Stop waiting on other people to send you that text or phone call. DIY! If you can’t hold yourself accountable for anything, you’ll never be able to run a business and you definitely won’t be able to hire help.

Marrying the two actions, consistency + accountability, is essential but what that looks like for each person is different. Accountability is the first step. You have to decide how you’re going to keep yourself accountable before you do anything. It may be something simple like allowing a window of time to complete a task, then setting an alarm as a reminder that your time is up for this one thing! Or maybe you are creating an actual schedule for yourself devoting a certain amount of hours to your side hustle for the entire week. After following through with and staying faithful to your actions items, find a small way to reward yourself! Of course, all of this counts as accountability. Just like that, your system to creating habits of consistency is in motion! Repeating your process to accountability is also forcing you to produce results. Half the battle, conquered!


Make a conscience decision to do something and follow through! There’s a difference between wanting to be consistent, struggling with it and actually delivering on it. Make a decision about a plan, find a way to hold yourself accountable to the plan, then create a consistent process to produce that plan.

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