Let’s Cuddle Up, With Reddi-wip

by Ivy Knight January 6, 2021
Let’s Cuddle Up, With Reddi-wip

I absolutely love that the Holidays give us reason to be closer. We smile more, embrace more and are naturally more kind. Ok so maybe we weren’t able to embrace exactly the way we wanted to. So today for National Cuddle Up day, grab a treat, throw on your favorite loungewear set and cuddle up with Reddi-wip!

Hugs and cuddles are so necessary if you ask me. A warm embrace can melt away the tension of a stressful day. A good cuddle can relieve the pressures of anxiety. Though we can’t get a real embrace from a can, there’s something about the sound of that perfectly whipped real cream. A sound that makes you want to curl up on the sofa and enjoy a moment of sweet peace.

Stealing a moment of sweetness is necessary–daily too if possible. Adding this as a topping really makes celebrating any moment, worth it!

What drew me to Reddi-wip, was that they have more options than they used to! They’ve introduced two flavors, coconut and almond, in a line of Non-Dairy Whips. And for the coffee lovers, like myself, they’ve added a Barista Series featuring a Sweet Foam Coffee Topper & Nitro Coffee Creamer.

If you’re having homemade pancakes in the morning, try the Non-Dairy Almond topping. If you’re trying a fruit smoothie in the afternoon, top it off with a swirl of the Coconut flavor. Or is a Baileys & Kahlua for a night cap your thing? Yea–mine too, so I’d do the Sweet Cream from the Barista Series. You’re welcome!

Though there’s still some distance between us, we can always find a way to revel in the moment. Who couldn’t use a sweet treat to kick off 2021, right?

Steal a moment, and cuddle up with Reddi-wip!

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