Equipment I Use to Create Content

by Ivy Knight January 6, 2021
Equipment I Use to Create Content

When I first started out with the blog, I needed a lot of help! My sister would usually take my photos, because she owned a camera. SPOILER ALERT: It wouldn’t be until a few years later that I owned my first piece of tech equipment (other than my phone). It was really difficult to communicate what my actual vision was at that time. At the beginning of every shoot I had a specific vision in my head. Even though the shots would come out pretty good, I’d still walk away a bit frustrated because it didn’t look like what I had in my head. See the very first blog post on TWG, here.

Jenee from HighLowLuxxe, shares her tech equipment in this YouTube video!

Feeling rushed because of having to use someone else’ equipment was a consistent nuisance for me. Always being concerned with what the shot looked like caused delays (it’s the perfection for me). Not to mention having to pay a professional every now and again to shoot last minute batch work when my sister wasn’t available. What a hassle! Ultimately, I decided to invest in my own tech equipment.

So I researched what I wanted (something that would be easy for me, a beginner), and saved my money!

My first purchase was an unboxed Sony point and shoot from Best Buy. It was $100, the last one in stock and discontinued. My first well researched purchase was DSLR bundle from Amazon (see below).

See the tech equipment, Mattie James uses to create content here.

MacBook Air

I wanted something that I knew would be fully functional. I’d read that this Mac came with some beginners editing software and I felt that alone was a good deal. Even though I was a newbie to all of it, I just knew the Mac was the best purchase for wanting to be able to create things all in one place.

DSLR Camera

This came as a bundle package with 3 different lenses, two of which I wasn’t crazy about. The Canon EFS 18-55mm lens was the better one for what I needed. Clean and clear shots, that’s it! Before purchasing any bundle, take time to research the best lens for your needs!

Canon – EF-S 24mm

Over time, I learned more about types of shots and the range of lenses. I knew I needed this one for a wider perspective. This lens is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It’s good for my style shots especially if I’m shooting on location!

Gorilla Tripod

This is solely paired with my Sony cyber shot. I love thats its flexible, and lightweight even with my camera on it. I’m using this to stabilize my shots since Im using the Sony for vlogging. I can bend and shape the legs as necessary, which is ideal since you’re mostly holding it in your hand anyway. It’s also sturdy enough to hold a DSLR too!

Sony – Cyber-shot

The perfect digital camera! I love my Sony because video quality is great and it picks up sound impeccably. My first vlog (see here) was shot with this camera. I was so nervous about the audio since I didn’t have a microphone, but turns out I didn’t even need it! Easily my favorite tech purchase!


Of course for most shots on any camera,you’ll need a tripod. Especially, if you’re taking the photos yourself for optimal productivity. Something basic, not too fancy, transports and breaks down super easy. In other words, super affordable. You’re welcome.

Ring Light

Good lighting is so important and the key to getting a really good shot. Lighting helps you maximize, in my opinion, on any kind f lens (whether really fancy and expensive, or something more affordable and can get the job done). Once purchased this, the quality of my photos increased. By divine favor, it was on sale for a solid $50 so of course I jumped right on it!

Seagate Hardrive

Although I don’t use this to create content, it’s still of great value to me. I can organize and store and my photos and videos for easy access. Instead of having everything in Google Drive, because I didn’t want to continue to purchase more space (constantly running out of space is annoying). I just drag and drop my files from my memory card, right into the hard rive. This none item, hold so much content. It’s perfect!

If you just have no clue at all, Maya’s World gives you the full run down on her Tech Talk series.

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