When You’re Really Into It

by Ivy Knight January 22, 2023
When You’re Really Into It

By now we know, in the world of social media, self promotion and marketing in general, it’s not enough to simply produce content and hope that it gets some action. When it’s time to create, you won’t always be really excited about getting the work done. But when you’re really into the process and figuring out the best ways to educate or entertain your audience, it gets so much easier.

The short version is, if you’re not excited about it, you just won’t do it.

When you’re really into something, it shows up in the work and that’s the main idea you want to come through. While your enthusiasm is noticeable, you’ll recognize a shift in response to the content you make.

You make time to do more of it. You find yourself thinking about it all the time. You’re scheduling an extra hour here and there to get more done or see how you can improve.

People notice what you’re doing more. You have a reputation for being good and enjoying what what you do now. When someone asks for your help, they’re more likely to take it and your business seriously.

You’re excited about the content because you feel like you’re doing something important. This leads you to stay motivated to do your best at work.

Your abilities naturally improve. Because you’re excited about the content, you naturally begin to do more work. As you do more, you learn more, you get better and faster. The same amount of effort takes less time, because your brain is working so much more efficiently.

It becomes impossible to run out of content ideas. Watch the ideas naturally begin to flow out of you. You’ll see that you can find inspiration for your next blog post or IG live from nearly any situation.

The tasks that aren’t as exciting just become normal process. When you’re really into something, the “harder” tasks don’t seem so bad. Instead of harping on the fact that you aren’t excited about this portion of content creation, you focus on the most rewarding part.

See how this blogger discovered value in her own work.

These are all results and feelings you’ll want to reproduce over and over again. At some point even becoming almost a cyclic situation. You create more content, your skills improve, your audience responds and now you want to create more content you. This starts the cycle all over again. And now you develop a reputation for being really good, enjoying what you do and being consistent.

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