How I Hold Myself Accountable

by Ivy Knight June 27, 2019
How I Hold Myself Accountable

Find the keys to pairing Consistency with Self-Accountability right here on TWG!

Making a list of goals big and small is always exciting, right? We get to be really bold and imaginative because we see an image of where we want to be within a specific time frame. Actually mapping out the plan to get there is hard. Demonstrating consistent habits to get to that goal is harder. Learning to hold ourselves accountable to all of the above, is the absolute hardest.

Im on the consistency struggle bus. I’ve always wanted everything to be perfect, so I’d plan and plan and plan and then…nothing. All these amazing ideas fell flat because I was stuck in the planning phase. Then finally I’d force myself to push out some crappy content because I’m so frustrated with the process. Well who wants to follow up crappy content with more crappy content? So back to the planning stage I’d go! This was a vicious cycle and I was being eaten alive by my own desire to create and do more. I I was missing accountability.

A quick read on things consistency will do for you, that talent won’t.

I created a “werk” schedule because I needed to commit to a certain amount of work for a designated time frame. Read that one again. When that time expired, no matter what I had to move on! I needed to be accountable to this amount of work, for this amount of time.

Creating A Schedule

In creating my “werk” schedule, I literally wrote down every hour that was available for me to work. Yes, all 24 of them. Aside from the 8 hours I’m working my 9-5, there are still 16 hours to devote to my side hustle. Of course, I can’t work all 16 but it helps me put into perspective that I actually have more time than I thought. If I work from 9am to 5pm, I have from 6pm to 7am to “werk“. You want to factor in sleep, eating, travel time etc. so you’re not micro planning your time. I decided on giving my side hustle at least 20 hours per week. Giving between 2 to 4 hours a day to something I’m committed towards doesn’t seem so unrealistic. 20 hour per week, broken down into task specific durations makes a huge difference.

Having the schedule makes it that much easier to keep track of whether or not I’m on task. I’m constantly asking myself, “did you stay committed to the window you allowed yourself for today?” How will this affect my work for the rest of the week? Am I going to make it to my 20 hour goal? When you don’t, there have to be repercussions! If you didn’t meet your obligation, maybe you don’t buy dinner out this week, or maybe you won’t go out with the girls this weekend. These are all ways to hold yourself accountable to your business, your goals, to yourself.

Creating the schedule has kept me accountable to the blog and my brand, but also taught me how to pair consistency with self accountability. I’ve committed to seeing how much I can knock off my “werk” list by keeping up with this schedule for the next 30 days! What are you committed to?

Photography by Maya Knight

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