How Often Should You Post Content

by Ivy Knight March 12, 2023
How Often Should You Post Content

Since we know that posting to social media is a given, the only real question is “how often should we really be posting?” Now that you’ve determined which platform is right for you to begin optimizing first, it’s time to get consistent!

The frequency with which you should post on social media depends on several factors, including your growth goals, your true capacity to execute content creation, and also which platform you’re using. Earlier this year, Later, suggested the following breakdown for posting per follower count.

  • Nano accounts (0-10K followers) post an average of 3 feed posts per week 
  • Micro accounts (10K-100K followers) post an average of 3 feed posts per week 
  • Mid accounts (100K-500K followers) post an average of 5 feed posts per week 

General guidelines for how often to post on each platform:

  1. Instagram, is the most complex due to the algorithm. Even though IG’s CEO mentioned that static posts were coming back into play as they felt they’d focused too much on video content; other marketers are saying over 90% of all content consumed is still video. Thus, I believe reels are still going to rule. So 2-3 per day (if you’re using short form) or one long form reel per day. And remember, high quality is key for IG. You’ve still got the “stories” feature that needs to be utilized for audience engagement as well and then also lives. Just assume the more features you utilize, the more you grow and actually engage your audience. You do not have to do all of these at once, master one feature, get really good with consistency, then grow.
  2. TikTok essentially only allows for short form videos. So remember, the shorter the video, the more you need to post. For this platform, aim for 4-6 times per day.
  3. Youtube of course is the model for long form videos but also recently introduced “shorts” and also live option. With editing time considered, I’d keep this platform to one post per week (depending on the length of the video, like anything more than 15 minutes) but try to insert a couple shorts. Repurposing Tip: You can reuse the same shorts from your TikTok for YouTube and even Pinterest.
  4. Facebook: You should aim to post on Facebook once per day, although posting 3-4 times per week can still be effective. Avoid posting too frequently, as this can lead to decreased engagement and may annoy your followers.
  5. LinkedIn: You should aim to post on LinkedIn at least once per week, although 2-3 posts per week can be even more effective. Focus on sharing industry news, thought leadership content, and updates about your company.

Ultimately, the key to social media success is consistency although there is no definite one size fits all format. You can experiment with different posting frequencies and use analytic tools to track engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Happy Posting!

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