My Name Is Ivy

by Ivy Knight January 1, 2021
My Name Is Ivy
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Today we are all stronger, we are all wiser, and we are all better.

So let that be the word that governs everything you do from here on out. Let us all learn to live better, love better, plan better, think, engage, spend, process, rest, focus, produce…better.

Yes, today, we are starting over but truthfully every single moment we have is an opportunity to refresh, renew, and refocus our energy to improving ourselves, our businesses, our relationships!

Wanting to keep up with other content creators was putting crazy pressure on myself. I wanted so badly to be pumping out so much more content, that I lost focus of myself. Ivy’s goals and purpose for even starting this blog went out the window for wanting to be like everybody else. Without either of those setting the foundation for the intention behind any of the work I wanted to do, I struggled to find my footing. So I stopped, completely. I created nothing and instead I stressed more about the things I wasn’t doing.

The icing on the cake was watching my faves like Mattie from, Jenee from HighLowLuxxe, and Hayet Rida, and Blake from Signed Blake, do what I wanted to do! Create consistently without flinching!

They were incredibly successful at banging out content, staying on brand, being consistent, slinging ad campaigns, managing teams and all the good stuff. Content creation is not easy, trust me, but these women were doing it seamlessly! Whew chile.

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I realized that if I never created another thing for this blog, the only thing I absolutely needed to do, was be me. So I focused on just that! I focused on what Ivy liked. I took in the kind of content that naturally interested me, and what I felt aligned with my purpose. Now I’m clear on where this is going. originally started as a style blog (it’s still live) then developed into me wanting to show other women how to balance side hustles and 9 to 5’s. I’m still trying to find that balance.

Now, TWG is about creating community of bossed up, happy, represented, fun loving, money making, unapologetic women. So let’s do this, together!

My name is Ivy, and I’m the creator of TheWeekend Girl. Let’s get it!

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