I Was All Out of Content

by Ivy Knight December 4, 2022
I Was All Out of Content

If you’re here, that means you’re a digital creator of some sort. Some of you may be business owners first, but you still make content to get that business name out there. There’s also influencers, who do different things like promoting new or big brands or even teaching other people how to do the same thing. And how else do you think they are able to promote & teach others?

We can’t talk about the creation process, without addressing reasonable beginners concern.

“Will I ever run out?”

We can ask this question in just about any area of our lives. Will I ever run out of customers, time, energy, patience, money, honey the list goes on and on. Here’s the thing I want you to know. It’s just not possible. What we lack is the motivation to find more ways to get exactly what we need. Here’s a concept I think we’d all benefit from, as we approach content moving forward.

Content is a renewable resource.

A renewable resource is a resource that can be replenished naturally over time. That means, you, my friend are source from which that renewable energy flows! Literally everything, anything can be content! And you don’t have to experience burnout if you’re doing it right either! First things first, repurpose that old content girl. It doesn’t matter if it was a post on IG, turn it into a blog post by expanding on the topic. If you posted questions or a poll to your IG Stories then turn it into a discussion topic on Facebook.

If you want to stay on top of your content, jot these down right quick:

  1. Make a list of different categories you want to cover. These should all still be within your niche. For instance mine were beauty, lifestyle, fashion etc.
  2. Under each category, just write everything you can think of relating to that one subject.
  3. From each of your individual lists figure out what kinds of posts they will be initially (i.e blog post, Facebook post, IG Story, post or reel or even a Youtube video). Remember these will all be repurposed anyway.
  4. Repurpose any content you already have live. This is the same as step 3!

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