The Oversized Shirt Trend: 2017 Edit

by Ivy Knight October 28, 2017
The Oversized Shirt Trend: 2017 Edit

The oversized shirt trend has been a thing for quite some time now. This style is giving me all the 90’s nostalgia I can take and I’m absolutely loving it! With fall finally in full swing, Im positive this will be one of my staple styles for the next few months. I’ve even made a list of places to shop to find the comfiest oversized shirts! Call me crazy, but it’s just that real for me.


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A popular trend amongst women just as it was in the 90’s, this look still allows women to express just the right amount of softness. 90’s r&b groups like Xscape, TLC, and artists like Aaliyah really embraced this style, while artists like Rihanna and Zendaya have made it their own even today.

This is a go-to look when I have to run errands, attend last minute events, or just a normal day. It’s casual, it’s cute and this look doesn’t take a lot of thought. More women are choosing comfort over the super seriousness of fashion and I’m so here for it! I chose to dress this look up just a bit by wearing a block heel ankle boot. You can read about the Perfect Fall Ankle Boots here!

As a woman growing a business, my focus is more so on the quality of my work and not which outfit I’m going to wear while I work. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to be snatched when I get dressed! I just don’t have time to stand in front of my closet for an hour wondering what to wear. Entrepreneurship isn’t all lollipops and gumdrops and honestly, I rarely look good while I’m working.

I don’t see this trend going anywhere any time soon.  The oversized shirt is one of my staple pieces to communicate effortless style thats still super cute and definitely comfortable. I really think the comfort, and convenience of oversized shirts is why it will always be a win for me. First stop, HM men’s section!!

Target cross body mini purse || TJMaxx T-shirt || HM pants || Lolashoetique Booties || Lipstick

  This flannel shirt actually belonged to my grandfather. Though he is no longer with us, I wear this piece and it’s sort of my way to honor him. This is truly one of my favorite items in my closet, and I will take care of it as long as I can.

Photography by Maya Knight for The Weekend Girl.


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