Peace to Perfectionism

by Ivy Knight January 1, 2023
Peace to Perfectionism

What if I told you perfectionism was a psychological character flaw. It’s the dislike of anything less than perfect. But since we know nothing–especially when it comes to social media & content creation, is perfect, then why do we stress out about the process of making things…perfect?

The motto for today’s lesson is “done, is better than perfect.”

The thing is, you’re the only one that cares if it’s perfect. No one else. Girl, we just need the content so we can get the information. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes improvement. If you keep producing it, you’ll know how it can be better for the next time. In Jaclyn Johnsons book “Work Party,” she says “you grow as you go.” That saying has stuck with me for so long. It simply means, you learn & grow as you actually do the work. In business, or anything for that matter, we don’t see growth first. You learn from the results you get after you’ve produced something. And that’s how you know what to do it better next time. You learn from the feedback you get, what the people like & what to do more of next time.

Perfectionism holds us back from so much when it comes to content creation. It keeps us from consistency, development, true creativity and even brand authenticity. We’re constantly searching for that “one last thing” to throw in the mix because we think “if I can just add this” or “if I can get it to be like”… then that would make it perfect!

Yes, your content should be really really good.

But at what point do you decide that your content is already good enough? And good enough to share? And even good enough to the point you can accept honest feedback? Do you have any requirements that say every piece of content you write or create must have these things, and once it does, the content goes live or gets scheduled?

How to Avoid Perfectionism

  1. Set reasonable standards/goals for your content.
  2. Reframe your thought process surrounding making content & its purpose in your business.
  3. Plan, then execute. Know when to move on to the next thing.

You’ve got to remember that our goal here is to be consistent enough that we see growth. Whether it’s in sales, followers, our email list, clicks, shares, whatever it is. Give yourself the room grow in the right direction without the fear of doing it wrong, or thinking that it needs to be great the very first time. Once you change your thoughts surrounding this, you’ll feel a greater sense of ease and satisfaction in the things you know you can do very well. I believe in you girlfriend!

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