Plan then Execute

by Ivy Knight November 27, 2022
Plan then Execute

I have this nasty little habit and I’m hoping I’m not alone here. I developed a pattern of purchasing one of those content creation “how to” courses or ebooks, then not putting it to use. Before I know it, I’ve purchased a ton of them. Some of which were never started, some never finished and a bunch of action items, I’d never executed. Whatever my “plan” was, it was a general flop and waste of money all together!

I don’t know about you but I am done romanticizing the “planning” stage.

I’m prone to overthinking, so it’s easy for me to get lost in this part of the process. I’d write my plan down & make it extremely detailed, maybe a little too much. But then at some point through all my re-evaluating , re-doing & replacing, my original plan is now torn all the way down and I’m starting over. It’s a vicious cycle that gets me in the same position, nowhere at all.

The thing is, the plan ain’t gotta be perfect, it’s just got to get done! Part of the problem–well at least my problem, is that I’d spend so much time getting my outlines just right because I was comparing myself to other people that already a their own plan down to a science. A consistent science at that. Your job is to create a plan, and then execute it. Say it with me, “done is better than perfect.”

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In another post, I talked about the process that’s helped me bridge the gap between planning and execution! I’m just here to re-iterate it again before we get started creating content together.

  1. Make a plan. What do you want to do, and how do you want to do it? Give it a deadline too!
  2. Develop & prep the ideas. Write down when you want to make this happen. What tools or resources do you need to get step 1 done? These things/items need to be gathered and written with a specific date & time to be completed. Keep your deadline in consideration when you’re scheduling these tasks.
  3. Execute the plan. Do what you said you would! Then repeat.

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