13 Plus Size Bloggers that Give Me Life!

by Simone Byron August 20, 2018
13 Plus Size Bloggers that Give Me Life!

With the well received surge in body positivity, plus sized women are taking their seats at the table! The reach of social media has given women a platform larger than any other medium. Either way, I am all the way here for plus size women loving their bodies and doing it shamelessly! Here to slay, empower, encourage and educate women around the world that look just like them, I’m sharing 13 plus size bloggers and influencers that give me life!

I’ve been plus sized for most of my life. Going to the mall with my parents looking for clothing to fit my size 14 body was a constant struggle. I am one of four and the only plus size among all my siblings. Growing up,  there weren’t many examples, I felt, of women wearing their full figures proudly. Now, the almighty internet gives so many women that look like me, opportunities to express themselves freely and without shame. Well, for the most part anyway. 


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This west coast native has been on the scene for some time and she continuously serves us look after look!  Holding it down with over 180K followers on instagram and she is giving life in her bathing suit. If you are a plus size women and scared Kristin will have you pool ready with her bathing suits.

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Now this girl, gives us so many different styles it’s hard to believe it’s the same girl. Located in Atlanta, Crystal of SOHis all around it! From hosting events, to being a brand consultant, and she’s even been features on Fashion Bomb Daily’sTop 10 Atlanta Bloggers List.Get it girl!


Now if you like colors and trendy outfits Bianca is your girl! Poppin’ solid colors are definitely her thing, but she’ll also surprise you every now and then when mixed patterns. I can’t wait to see what she’ll wear next! She recently announced that she’s expecting, so I know this is going to be good!

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Say hello to Charisma! This girl is showing us we can do whatever we want. She has an online clothing store and she’s the plug for a good wig…or two! Just check our her wig highlights from her IG profile.  She’s also not afraid to give you a good   swim suit shot either! Yes honey, legs for daze!

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This beauty here is Nicole Simone, (love those names because its mine and my sister’s name combined). Ms. Nicole slays us with her amazing style, fashion tips and also gather’s our edges with her awesome budgeting tools. She understands that plus size women don’t want to break the bank; but who really does right?

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I can always remember one of her posts “Girls compete, Women empower” and that stuck with me. Here to uplift and constantly remind us (all women) that we  have to stick together, her message is that there’s room for all of us at the table. Im all the way here for it! Her blog gives reviews on popular boutique and online websites. She is definitely a must follow.

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Chante is literally everything curvy and chic! Being the first plus size model featured in Target’s body positive campaign,“Target loves Every Body,” it’s pretty clear why she’s on my list of faves! Paving the way for plus size models and entrepreneurs, Ms. Burkett is showing the girls how to get it! You go girl!

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Crystal Chanel is her name but fitness, fashion, and beauty is her game. Crystal is a wellness advocate, taking us with her through her WLS (weight loss surgery) and being an ITWorks! ambassador. You can get tips from this beauty on how she keeps her skin flawless, keep up with all the places she travels, and see all the fabulous try on’s she does on  YouTube.


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Owner of Minx Lashes by Mia never steps out without having it all the way together! She’s my go to for what’s new in fashion every week! Highlighting her life, Mia shares how fabulously she eats, collabs with other amazing women bloggers and influencers, how lit her weekends (I mean her life everyday is like a weekend for me), and of course her perfect style. Mia, you really are “The Boss!”  

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I just love how bold and fearless Alexis is when it comes to showing off her body! Alexis is hot! and not just because she lives in Texas.  She’s also a chef! Yes, girl show me how to eat right and dress fly and be unapologetic at the same time! are one look at Ms. Alexis IG  and you can tell  she loves the skin she’s in.  Showing off those legs,  flaunting her beach bawdy a beat face and a gorgeous smile!  Alexis, you’re  definitely #Goals!

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“Flawed or flawless, shine no matter what” is Essie’s charge to all plus size women. Essie is the co-founder of Golden Confidence.  An annual pool party hosted in different cities with the common goal to bring plus size women together for a day of empowering, embracing, and standing beautifully if their SwimDay best–get it, Sunday’s best, Swim Day best–okay never mind. We could all use more Golden Confidence! Essie, you’re the bomb!

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“Big girls hiding under STUPID layers of extra clothes this summer? Pfff-NOT-ON-MY-WATCH. *Iyanla Voice*” There just couldn’t be a better statement! Toronto’s fluffy girl is not out here hiding her body at all and she wants you to join her! Pfff–why the heck not, here I come sis! Recently launching her brand,  FLUFFY, she’s redefined what it is to be BBW.  Yea I said it! She’s constantly sharing pictures of her and her beau, her bomb style and sexy curves and it just reminds me, big girls can be sexy for no reason at all! You go girl!

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Daquana is my fave fave favorite! This girl gives us so much content–good content, it’s crazy! She’s a college student and about her business! Makeup, hair, and cooking tutorials on YouTube, Daquana werks! Hey, maybe that should be a hashtag (get at me I got hashtags for days). You can always find her doing try on hauls for various companies, and just let me say, it gets real when she does! I love it! She makes custom wigs and draw portraits which you can buy on her website DaquanaWhite.com! Let her know Simone sent you!

So that’s a wrap for this list of baddies! These 13 women are just a few of the plus size bloggers and influences that give me absolute life! Each one, so utterly fabulous they look and live like they have their own theme music, and maybe even a Beyonce fan! Ya’ll blow me away–or should I say slay me away. Either way, I love each and every one of them for different reasons, but to put it plainly because they each remind me that being big doesn’t make me unusual but exactly the opposite. I can be sexy for no reason, I can this body however I want and still be absolutely dope! I can do anything I want, my career is not limited just like me curves!

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