I Didn’t Prioritize Myself

by Ivy Knight December 11, 2022
I Didn’t Prioritize Myself

It was way past time I stop with the games and BFFR! I told you guys in August I was switching it up, and I want to share more on why it was time for this change. Ultimately, I was upset because I failed to prioritize myself.

When I say myself, I mean my business and the undiluted vision I had for it. My business is definitely an extension of myself because it consumes (in a good way) so much of me. I’m constantly trying to figure out how to make it work, how to make it make sense! I didn’t want people to get the watered down version of me, let alone my business. If I was going to change that, I needed to prioritize putting my own goals, first!

I thought about this while having a conversation with my mother, who’s amazing by the way! She’s so wholesome and her heart is so pure BUT I realized she wasn’t happy trying to push for something that isn’t her first preference. I think, Jessie Lee said it best when she said “keep the main thing the main thing.”

I wanted to show up for other people and cheer them over their own finish lines, but what about mine? How was I showing up for & cheering myself over my own finish lines? Their happiness, seeing how I could contribute to their business came first. I’d drop what I was doing to have a phone conversation with them, cancel staying in & focusing, to meet with them; help them out. All of that! But here I was, still at my own starting point. Still at the beginning. TUH!

Keep the main thing the main thing.

Me, I’m the main thing. My business, is the main thing. See, prioritize honey!

It has taken me SO long to define my business and actually give it shape because I was focusing on all the wrong things. So here’s how I’m prioritizing myself and my business these days. 

  1. I’ve had the discussion with certain people that, “I’m going to be unavailable for leisure activities. Anything that doesn’t have to do with advancing my business, goes on the back-burner. Love you, bye.”
  2. More specifically, I wrote down the results I wanted to see, then I wrote down the goals that would help me get there. Put a 100% in the chat/comments if that makes sense ( I giggle every time I hear someone say that on IG live).
  3. I made a plan for every single day up until my deadline for doing at least one thing (quite a few things actually) that will get me to that goal, that helps me reach my result. 

That’s it, that’s my secret. 

Why is all of this important before we start our consistency challenge? Because I need you to put the fuel in the tanks before we drive the boat (all my hotties stannup!). I don’t want y’all to be weak in the knees! It’s going to be tough sometimes. It’s going to be aggravating and tedious at times too. But it will also be rewarding! Being consistent is a unicorn and looks different for errbody. But the heart want, what it want baby and that’s to be successful (also different for everybody). Let’s get it! Cheers to you girl, taking yet another step in your BIG BUSINESS!

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