by Ivy Knight March 16, 2020

Re-introductions are so necessary. A bunch of starting overs, redo’s and refreshers, if you will. While initial intros are seen as the beginnings of business partnerships, friendships, and new experiences I want to challenge that and say…so are re-introductions!

Equally as scary as the first time, but so much better the second, third or fourth time around! Especially if you do it right! After time away, a quiet business pivot or noticeable restructuring, starting over is time consuming and intimidating all wrapped up in a ball in the pit of your stomach, to say the absolute least. It requires strategy; its hard and might even seem pointless throughout your process.

But the one thing I love about good re-introductions is the opportunity to reinvent oneself. A chance to show yourself again after an evolution, like a phoenix from the ashes, or butterfly emerging from the cocoon. There’s a hint of newness in the air. And newness is always a good thing, no matter how scary! No matter how rushed our successful peers or Instagram community makes us feel, it’s completely ok to start over as many times as you need to! Heck, I started The Weekend Girl on Blogger (yes it’s still live)–does anyone remember that?

Here’s the thing, plans don’t always go the way we intend. Sometimes, you need a good pivot and sometimes you need a good reintroduction. So allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Ivy– and I’m The Weekend Girl. Nice to meet you!

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