The Right Social Media Platform for Your Content

by Ivy Knight March 5, 2023
The Right Social Media Platform for Your Content

Choosing the right social media platform for your content is super important, but can also be a bit overwhelming. There’s so many to choose from that knowing what to post, how often to post and how to use all the features in the most efficient & strategic way goes right over our heads. I think we’ve all worried ourselves clear into analysis paralysis when it comes to “consistent social media presence”

I want us all to begin thinking of each social media platform as its own country. Here’s a secret that a lot of people don’t know. You ready?… You don’t have to visit every country there is to have a good experience.

You don’t have to visit every country there is, to have a good experience.

-Ivy K.

Think of it this way instead; Every country (social media platform) has its own “culture”. That culture is whatever the experience is on that specific platform. And within every culture, is its own language. Your content is the language. Telling your story or the framework of your brand of doesn’t have to change at all, only the language you use. As you visit each country, you just have to use a different language to engage that story. Whew, I hope this is making sense!

Based on the language that’s easiest to master (this is different for everyone), determine the right social media platform for your content. As consistency on that initial platform becomes more natural for you, it’s a smoother process to expand to other platforms. You’ll also realize you have an unlimited amount of opportunities to create so there’s no worry of running out of content just because you’re on multiple platforms.

Quick tips to choose the right social media platform:

  1. Identify your target audience & which social media platforms they are most likely to use.
  2. Consider your industry: Different platforms may be better suited to different industries. For instance, visual industries like fashion and design tend to do well on Instagram, while B2B companies may find LinkedIn to be a more effective platform.
  3. Evaluate the type of content you want to create.

It’s time to think about what you’re actually doing? Are you trying to grow a product or service based business? Or do you just want to indulge in a little self promotion and show your process/journey along the way? You would most likely be starting on Instagram and/or TikTok. Are you solely giving professional information? Your go to should be LinkedIn. Are you talking about trending entertainment new? Then it’s Twitter for you. Or maybe you prefer community building? Facebook Groups are most likely best suited for you.

Quick Platform Language Overview

TikTok: Keep it quick, light & fun. Best optimized with short form videos.

Youtube: Tell us your story and show us your process. Best used for long form videos.

Instagram: Mostly short form videos, but long form also acceptable. Think of this platform as a micro website. It’s very much your own highlight reel of your life or business. High quality pictures and video, you can get a little more creative here than the other platforms. Behind the scenes, storytelling, live broadcasting, and self promotion & a bit of community building are all acceptable here.

Facebook: For community building and discussion forums.

Ultimately, the best social media platform for your business or content will depend on your specific capacity to execute/operate as well as who your audience is & how they prefer to consume the content. Just experiment and see what works best! That’s the fun part. Start with one, and glow from there!

See you on social media babes!

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