The Scoop on Beyonce’s New Vegan App!

by Simone Byron July 3, 2018
The Scoop on Beyonce’s New Vegan App!

Finally, we can all give a sigh of relief! Beyoncé is putting us up on game, with the release of a new app, 22 Days Nutrition.   She completely killed the stage at Coachella after just having twins! Through the entire performance,  all I could wonder was how does she have the energy to be on stage for hours and how the heck did she bounce back after giving birth! I  wonder how long I’d be able to last…maybe 10 minutes at the most! Nonetheless, Im sure many of us have wondered about Wonder Womans’–I mean Beyonce’s diet! Aside from whatever workout routine she has, what kind of food is good enough for Beyonce, right? Well look no further, the 22 Days Nutrition app featuring plant based food is here and we’ve got the scoop!

In 2015 Beyonce and Jay Z’s trainer and life coach, Marco Borges, released his book, The 22-Day Revolution, which outlined numerous vegan inspired recipes accompanied by guides on how to transform unhealthy eating habits.  Beyonce and Jay-Z, both realized the value in sharing this information to lead more people into a healthier lifestyle, so they partnered with Marco to create 22 Days Nutrition! 

Watch Co-Creator, Marco Borges explain the inspiration behind 22 Days Nutrition!

See Beyonce’s meal plan right here!

After hearing the app was finally live, I went to the app store on my iPhone and typed in “Beyonce Vegan app.” I was sure I’d get some kind of results, but there was nothing. Then I googled the same thing and there it was! The web site is immediately appealing, with clean layouts of tasty foods, bright colors and easy navigation. As I moved around the site, I learned that in order to get the actual app, you have to answer a few questions. I’m not going to lie, this made me feel like I was going to be apart of an exclusive group. Like I’m really about to be eating how the celebrities eat! So I clicked “Join” and went through the questions. What is my usual serving size, how good of a chef I am & even how long I have to prepare my meals. Okay questions answered! Next I got to choose a monthly or annual plan. I went with monthly just to get a feel for the meal plan.

       Here’s how to join!

  1. Go to, click JOIN!
  2. Answer the questions to get your plan customized to fit your needs!
  3. Choose your plan $98/year or $14/month
  4. Enjoy!

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Recently, I changed my diet by cutting out all meat (seafood not included). First thing I cut was pork. Honestly, that wasn’t really hard because I hadn’t been eating it regularly anyway. About two weeks into that I stopped eating all red meat, turkey, and chicken. That was definitely a bit harder, I’ve been eating meat all my life! Cutting out meat can help you lose weight but if you want to become entirely healthy, meat isn’t the only thing we should modify. I challenged myself to re-think the meals I normally ate. Before then,  I didn’t realize how much meat was in my meals.  

Now, I can not say I’m officially vegan but I’ll definitely be incorporating the 22 day meal plan into my diet! This app may not be something I use for the rest of my life, but I’m excited to put the tools from the app to use. It’s designed to make our  transition to plant based foods easier! Or maybe just a more wholesome lifestyle in general. That’s partially the reason a lot more people don’t eat healthier! They don’t know how. Hearing the word vegan can be intimidating! Changing your diet means you’re introducing yourself to new food. New food means, a whole new way too grocery shop. One feature I’m sure I’ll love is the food delivery!  Having to go to the supermarket, walking around aimlessly with a half done grocery list is half the battle!

If this helps me gain more energy and shed some pounds, I’m definitely down for it! I’m ready to think differently about the food I eat, I want to feel and look great! Seems like 22 Days Nutrition is here to do just that!

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