Stop Self Sabotaging & Be Epic Already

by Ivy Knight October 9, 2022
Stop Self Sabotaging & Be Epic Already

Girl, you’re getting in the way. Plain and simple. describes “self-sabotaging” as a set of  “behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from doing what you want to do”.

You know you’ve got the potential, and you know you’ve got the resources…so why haven’t you done that thing by now? You know, that one thing that everyone says “oh you’d be so good with this” or you’ve got the perfect personality for it? Or is there something you’ve dreamed about over and over again? Whenever you close your eyes, you can see yourself clear as day enjoying, embracing and telling everyone you know about “it”. What originally started with excitement and enthusiasm, has somehow become “cringe-worthy”.

Well, how did we get here? The only answer is, you’re afraid of your own success. Crazy right?

What Does Self Sabotage Look Like?

  • -Procrastination/Perfectionism
  • -Imposter syndrome
  • -Disorganization
  • -Initiating conflicts (this includes internally, with yourself)
  • -Easily Frustrated
  • -Overindulgence

In short, your self sabotaging is stifling your growth, hindering your success and progress toward your dreams. But it’s also doing those same things, for the next girl in line! You’re the key to the next girls success, like it or not. So can we wrap up this guilt trip slash pity party session?

Here’s the thing.

I want you to get used to winning. I want you to get used to trusting yourself in your decision making. It’s YOUR life, no one else’. So understand that the decisions surrounding your success and your life can only come from you. You should feel good about that, cause girl you’re a BIG FREAKIN DEAL! You can make decisions and those decisions will lead to winning. That’s it.

Less Than Favorable “Options”

The only other options are: keep feeling sorry & crummy for yourself, keep operating in mediocrity and continue to get nowhere. It’s such a nasty cycle, are these really even options? I’ll take “winning and being EPIC” please, thank you!

I’ve listed some great resources, to help you break this destructive cycle here, here and here!

And if you’re in the Atlanta area check out the #1 Social Club for Black & Brown Women as well as Join My Free Meetup Group where we get a little more specific on what your business needs are. I promise, you’ll love it here!

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