Sexiest Color Names Trending This Fall

by Ivy Knight September 9, 2019
Sexiest Color Names Trending This Fall

There’s a few more days left in summer and I’m in full countdown mode. In my opinion, Fall is the only season worth getting dressed for. Here’s a list of sexy color names that are trending! This should encourage you to pull something out of that closet worth wearing more than once!

Crème de Pêche

trending fall color

Creme de Peche is a light peachy tone that’s really good for a class look with a hint of color. I don’t quite know how to pronounce it but I can imagine it rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

Vanilla Custard

Honestly, it’s just creme. But when you give it a name like Vanilla Custard how do you say no to being fashionably delicious. Those rules about no white, or creme after labor day are super outdated so feel free to wear this color as casually, or not, as you want.

Tiger Orange

Rihanna just gave me all the confidence I need to rock Tiger Orange this season! Historically, this is one color we–as in black women have traded away from because it “might not look good on us”…oh wait was that just for makeup. Either way, both absurdities have been put to bed. Awaken the tiger within and flaunt the color proudly. Use Rihanna as a point of reference!

Sugar Almond

As appetizing as Pantone describes this color to be, I’d say it’s equally as attractive. Every tone I’ve seen for this color so far has me feeling like this is the only color I want to wear all season, but the way my budget is set up puts a pin in that rather quickly. A girl can dream can’t she!


trending fall color

I didn’t think I could love Merlot any more than I already do, well the wine itself is perfect in my opinion. Since fashion week kicked off, I’ve seen a bunch of different styles but they’re all a hit! It’s not too loud but it’s not exactly modest either. I’m feeling Merlot for any monochrome look. Hop over to Instagram and tell me what you guys think.


trending fall color

Color this bright isn’t usually considered a fall color but I’m excited about seeing more non-traditional colors this season. Another rich, bold color that can go for playful or provocative. The tone is warm and inviting so why not add it to the collection!


Seriously, what’s not to love about guacamole? You can add as many ingredients as you want or make it plain and simple. If you like to search Pinterest, you can find at least 50 different ways to eat guacamole. Who doesn’t love options when it comes to food and fashion!?

WhoWhatWear took a deep dive into predicting the colors earlier this summer and it seems like they were spot on! This list is a sure reminder that even food can be inviting, I mean who doesn’t want to feel extra delicious when they put on their favorite outfit! I’m wondering which color I can incorporate into my Fall quick picks.

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