Side Hustle vs Side Job: A Big Difference

by Ivy Knight July 15, 2019
Side Hustle vs Side Job: A Big Difference

It seems like every one has to have more than one stream of income to live comfortably today. Naturally when you think about additional income, you think about getting a second job right? There are so many things to consider when it comes to that second job. For instance, how long will I be able to work this job, how will this affect my primary job, is adding this to my plate actually feasible for my lifestyle? But what about another option? Anyone want to get their side hustle on? Let’s talk about the difference!

What’s a side job ?

This is a secondary job providing you with additional or supplementary income to your primary job. You would acquire a job like this to offset bills, jump-start your savings, or just to line your pockets with more spending money.

Before you go from side hustle to full time hustler, read this!

What’s a side hustle?

This is an activity you create in your spare time. You don’t actually clock in or out, rather, it’s an activity you commit to consistently to produce results of your own liking. Whether it’s a tangible good, a service, or even a creative idea, a side hustle is completely crafted and defined by you. The most important thing to rememberer is that no one else can determine how much time you commit to it, how much money you make from it, or that they no longer need you. That’s the difference!

What’s your move?

Simply put, a side job comes with more restrictions and involves more risk. However, your hustle is completely up to your discretion. How serious you take either of them is also up to you. Here’s an idea for you. Write down a list of things you could turn into a hustle. Then, list out all the pro’s and cons of a potential side job versus side hustle (don’t focus on the money). I want to know, what’s your move?

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