Small Home Upgrades to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

by Ivy Knight February 10, 2021
Small Home Upgrades to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

If you’ve walked through Lowes or Home Depot in the past year, you know that home renovations have definitely amped up a bit! By now, we’re all trying to make our homes as absolutely comfortable as possible. Honestly it’s absolutely worth the investment!

When I first start a project–I mean, when I first imagine the finished product without doing any of the research, I have all kinds of extravagant ideas of what I want to do. Then I have to take a step back and consider by actual budget, respectfully. Next, I’m scouring Youtube and Pinterest for ideas that can get me the closest to what Ive planned in my head. Just me?

Without getting carried away, there are plenty things you can do to make any space more welcoming. Whether there’s plenty of room or if it’s nice and cozy these few items will make your bathroom feel like the oasis you’d pay good money to go visit. Here’s to creating the most fabulous bathroom t fall in love with every time you enter–without spending a ton of money!

BTW here are 5 ways to keep your home energy efficient

  1. Add a bath tray, to hold a glass of wine while you relax. You deserve it!
  2. White towels iterate cleanliness and luxury; rolling them up definitely gives that spa feel.
  3. Light candles and use essential oils to create a welcoming aroma.
  4. A pair of yummy pajamas. Whatever makes you feel you special or even sexy.
  5. Hang a soft luxurious bath robe to add the pampering affect
  6. Wrap eucalyptus over the shower head for maximum relaxation
  7. Place a small table in a corner, preferably near the shower or tub

I hope these few items help you increase the love you have for your space! Enjoy!

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