My Spring Shopping List

by Ivy Knight April 2, 2018
My Spring Shopping List

I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty much over winter, wardrobe included. It’s time to do some spring shopping–and when I say some, I use that term very loosely!

Im sharing a few items on my spring shopping list to help you get into the swing of things! Im ready to brighten it up with plenty of color and maybe show a little skin too! Sure, we’ll have to take it day by day because the weather is so back and forth? One thing I love about spring is the reminder that it’s okay to put a little pep in our step! Spring into a new attitude and away from the lazy tendencies brought on by short days, dark colors and harsh blistering weather! Spring forward right into your new wardrobe!

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 Is it just me or does every girl feel like they need to revamp their entire wardrobe every time a new season rolls around? Let me know if any of these items are on your spring shopping list, in the comments below! With comfort being my number one priority this season, I’m opting for looks requiring minimal to no effort.

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  1. A strappy top with character. I can dress this up or down so it’s perfect for a day to night look
  2. Printed, or solid color pair of palazzo pants should be in every girls spring/summer wardrobe. Pair it with a cute tank, or a simple t-shirt.
  3. Pops of color on your nails is a sure way to add glamour to any look!
  4. Bags matter! With multiple things on your to do list, you need a bad big enough to carry your important items!
  5. I don’t want to search for a top and bottoms. This one piece can make you feel sultry. Perfect for date day or night!
  6. Maxi dress with pockets! Are you kidding? Feel the breeze and relax
  7. Accessories are essential to being more polished. No look is complete without a pair of bomb earrings.
  8. These are not your grandmothers slides! Mule flats are definitely in and there’s tons of styles to choose from. 
  9.  Throw on a tank top & if you’re still feeling a bit drab, throw a strappy bralette underneath to give it a nearly layered but sexy feel.
  10. Sunglasses, are a must!
  11. Dad sneakers go with just about anything! All you have to do is pick your color.
  12. Ditch, the tote for date night! Grab your cute clutch and your lipstick and you’re ready to go!
  13. Whatever your preference, lipstick or gloss, your lips need to be poppin’!
  14. A classic white button down is so versatile and you should have multiple, in different fits.
  15. You can wear a pair of block heels all day, they’re so comfy but don’t have to be extremely casual.
  16. It’s not a maxi, it’s not a bodycon but it’s Spring and this dress is backless!
  17. You need this jumpsuit. Paired with #12, #15, #10, throw on #13 and you’re set!

See how I wore #8 here and #14 here






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