The “Confidence” Factor

by Ivy Knight November 13, 2022
The “Confidence” Factor

Confidence is something I really hope each of you gets to experience. Not just in one or two areas or every once in a while. I’m talking about pure, overflowing and constant confidence.

Ellie Talks Money, elaborated on the side effects of believing in ourselves as it relates to growing in & working on our businesses and the girl is definitely on to something here!

Business is tough in general, not to mention if there are already priorities that require our attention. What do we hold on to when there’s a whirlwind of distractions (i.e. comparison, doubt, fear, and all the regular stuff)? We grow more confident in ourselves, by doing the work!

Girl, post the content, write the emails, make the pitch, draft the contract, make the follow ups!


We’ve all heard of “Big D Energy”. It references the energy that men have when they KNOW they’ve got it going on, in more than one area! Sooo what’s stopping you? I want you to have “Big C Energy”! Do what you want with that!

What I know for sure is that, the longer we spend thinking about the things we want to do, instead of actually doing them, the more space we provide for mess that doesn’t belong!

I need you to get in the right headspace before we get started together! Confidence is a key to success just as much as anything else in your business sis, so prioritize it! I need you to KNOW without a doubt that your plans will succeed. Say this to yourself over and over until your voice is the loudest in your head. I need you to commit to giving yourself time. Having the confidence doesn’t mean it’ll happen soon or that it will happen exactly as we planned it.

Being sure of yourself when birthing an idea, cultivates the right energy that will push us forward!

I think confidence encourages us when we feel we’ve got nothing left. And I know confidence gives us permission to do more.

So push through with the confidence girlfriend! Push through!

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