The One Thing that Made Me More Productive

by Ivy Knight March 18, 2020
The One Thing that Made Me  More Productive

It’s so exhausting being busy that I’ve honestly had enough! As multifaceted millennial women who are always being pulled in one direction or another, we should always be asking ourselves–“but are you productive though, sis?”

Once I realized productivity carried less stress and less items on my to do list (yes, it’s true), I started trying to pinpoint the actual problem–time! I was constantly wishing for more hours in my day. I never had enough time to do anything so I wrote out what my schedule looked like. From the time I started my day to what time I’d leave for work; what time I was getting home every night and what time I usually went to bed each night. I did the same thing for my weekends.

My life looked pretty boring and if I’m being honest, not productive at all. I’d work on the blog here and there, and in between I ‘d run the errands I didn’t have a chance to run during the week. This really helped me put into perspective where all my time was going. I realized I wasn’t really making anything a priority, I was just busy!

I wasn’t maximizing the time I had; there were blocks of time I could fill in with intentional work. I really wanted to make an impact with my own work, so I made some revisions to my schedule.

Getting up earlier was the only reasonable solution!

It was no easy feat (Forbes suggests that what we lack is will power, not time) With the extra hours added to my schedule, I was getting much more done, before work! Now, transitioning into actually having a morning routine for waking up earlier has been my key in being successful at this (going to bed earlier too).

It takes a bit of practice, so give your self a full week or two before you get into the swing of things. You’re literally resetting your biological clock and you’re making a lifestyle change. Gradually step into it, but make the commitment to changing the way your work. You’ll be so much more productive the end!

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