And This Christmas Will Be

by Ivy Knight December 18, 2022
And This Christmas Will Be

Every year celebrations begin as we look back over all that happened throughout the last 11 months. Some of us celebrate in big ways with extravagant decorations, a slew of Holiday gatherings and tons of gift giving. Others keep it simple with an intimate family dinner or traveling to see loved ones. But for me, the Holiday Season is looking a little different. This Christmas will be very, chill.

Back in August I announced that I’d quit my job and was so excited (still am). I knew there was much to be expected but I was looking forward to drastically changing my life. Although, I’m incredibly grateful for all that has happened to and for me, I’m not spending my Holiday reflecting on the year. Instead, I’m looking ahead and devising plans. I wish to spend this season, with anticipation and excitement. Just like all the kids going to bed on Christmas Eve, so curious about all the possibilities waiting for them under the tree on Christmas morning. They don’t know what they’re going to get, but they know they’re getting something & it’s going to be good!

Y’all, I’m just like those kids. So full of expectancy, giddy with excitement that I can barely contain myself.

I don’t believe that new beginnings only happen on January 1, or that we only have the urge to be kind because it’s Christmas. Every day, is an opportunity for us to start over. You can be better that you were yesterday. If you’ve had a moment that you weren’t so proud of, you can be better than you were 5 minutes ago, because every breath you take is a second chance. That’s the thing that keeps me going!

I know good, awesome, incredible things are on the horizon, simply because I believe they are. I’m planning and making room for all of it. I’ll never forget this time because when I do look back, I’ll remember the faith, patience & discipline it took to get there. And so, this Christmas will be a very special Christmas for me because I believe the future has something amazing just for me.

Happy Holidays Beauties, I’ll see you next year


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