The Three Items I’m Never Leaving the House Without

by Ivy Knight May 6, 2020
The Three Items I’m Never Leaving the House Without

If you know me in real life, you know I’m not the girl to wear a full face of makeup everyday. I’ve come to appreciate that less is more, so for those “makeup free” days, these are the three items I’m never leaving the house without!


Mascara is an absolute must for me! Without lashes or mascara, I look like Im asleep. My eyes are almond shaped and my natural lashes are relatively short, so I like more of the chunky look. After I apply, I let it dry–then re-apply. I’m not really married to any one brand of mascara because they all pretty much do the job for me. If I’m not wearing lashes, then the natural look is still generally what Im going for.


I’d been using LA Girl Pro Concealer for years! Now, after losing–misplacing my brand new Hourglass Concealer while I was in Thailand, I’m going back to LA Girl! I’ve been using the medium beige, but I think I can stand to go shade darker. These chronic undereye bags are vicious and if I want to look alive and alert, I can’t go anywhere without it! Concealer just gives you that refreshed look you need to tackle anything Corporate America can throw at you!


Listen, I love my lips! They aren’t exactly, unnoticeable so I always want to make sure I show them some love. My preference is to keep them moisturized with vaseline lip care. But when Im out of the house, dressed down and essentially barefaced, I need hat extra pop of color to pull me together! Since I’m already rocking minimal makeup, I like to go with a softer look, something neutral. My go to is the NYX butter gloss! Girl, it’s so good! It gives me that soft pop, it’s smooth and conditions my lips while it’s on! They have it in a ton of gorgeous colors, so if soft and neutral isn’t your thing, go bold and glam it on up!

Each of these three items are definitely staples for my day to day beauty routine. More often than not, Im in very little makeup, so I always have these to pull me together and give me a more polished look! Jump over to Instagram or leave your comments below and tell me which three items you absolutely cannot leave the house without!

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