Top Women on IG to Help You Grow Your Business

by Ivy Knight June 19, 2019
Top Women on IG to Help You Grow Your Business
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As women in business, it’s so important to see ourselves represented in the different industries we occupy. With the help of social media, we’re filling spaces we once assumed were void of big haired, bright lipstick wearing, bold personality badass women! Social media is the catalyst for exposing droves of women executing plans, birthing businesses, and knocking down barriers. Seriously, they’re doing a damn good job at it too! So, here are the Top 13 Women on Instagram to Help You Grow Your Business, relentlessly, and fiercely!

Lately, I’ve been super intentional about curating my Instagram timeline. I just want a timeline full of colorful, inspiring, business women that like to get “ish” done! As a result, I’ve noticed a change in my “social scrolling” habits. I’m not getting on social media for entertainment, in fact, I’m logged on to level up! I’m getting fresh ideas, I’m watching live streams from business women giving tips and tricks on running a business! Most importantly, I’m seeing women that look like me, taking life and business by the horns with no apologies!

1. Morgan Debaun, CEO & Co-Founder of Blavity Inc.

This CEO & business advisor shows millennials how to #WorkSmart and “change the world in the process.” At only 29, she’s built an expansive internet media company, Blavity, as well as launched ah-mazing conventions such as Summit21. Morgan is showing other business women how too believe in themselves and create something worth sharing! Subscribe to her #WorkSmart newsletter out every Thursday!

2. Tonya Rapley, Founder of @MyFabFinance

top women on instagram, my fab finance

Tonya is helping millennials change their money stories and break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. MFF has been featured on major digital outlets like Forbes, Black Enterprise and Essence! Through her ebooks & courses, you have access to tons of financial information. Of course that will benefit your personal finances, but that knowledge will also flow naturally into your business. What a gem! Fab Finance TV, join her online community or take the free debt elimination course. Do it right now!

3. Kris Smith, CEO & Founder of The Black Techie

top women on Instagram, the black techie

Kris is a Business Tech Consultant and Strategist for Solopreneurs. She’s showing us how to pivot our business strategies, gracefully as she revamps the The diversity spectrum in the tech industry has plenty of room at the table. We’re glad to see one more seat filled by another baddass black woman.

4. Arnita Johnson-Hall, Creator of LuxuriousCredit

Luxurious credit

Arnita is a credit consultant promoting credit awareness and giving consumers tools to gain credit leverage and wealth. She created The Ultimate Business Guide for Entrepreneurs showing us how get approved for the most business capital possible! There’s so much FREE information on her Instagram alone, it’s impossible to second guess paying for her products and services. Make the investment!

5. Rhonesha Byng, CEO & Founder of Her Agenda

HER Agenda

Rhonesha created Her Agenda, a digital media platform, to provide millennial women access to information helping them “bridge the gap between ambition and achievement.” She was named one of 28 under 28 by NBCBLK, one of Forbes 30 under 30, and named one of the 50 Founders to Watch by Essence Magazine. This girl has been making it happen! No one, ever slows Her Agenda, and no one should ever slow yours!

6. CiCi Gunn, Creator of The Six Figure Chick

The Six Figure Chick

AlCyone Gunn, is the face behind The Six Figure Chick brand teaching her 327K followers how to use social media to increase their business profit by creating digital products and creating stable income through paying online communities. Go on and let CiCi teach you how to really get to the bag, sis!

7. Rosezena Pierce The Biz Lawyer

The Biz Lawyer, RJP Law Group

Watch Rosezena “Secure the Brand!” Practicing business, trademark and contract law, Rosezena is sure to help you get your business in order. She offers a legal business strategy session, and also shows us how to protect our “intellectual properties from other competitors in her latest ebook! You definitely want to follow Rosezena right now!

8. S. Brooks, Creator of Ms. Business 101

Top Women

Shaquanna Brooks is a CPA sharing tons of valuable information to help small business owners get their businesses on the right track and stay on track! How many of us would just like to understand taxes more! Whether it’s our personal or business taxes, we all understand the weight this one thing carries. When you have a business it’s so important to understand the dynamics of how taxes work, what your financial obligation is and how to file properly. Level your business all the way up and follow her!

9. Nicaila Matthews-Okome, Creator of Side Hustle Pro

top women in Instagram, Side Hustle Pro

Side Hustle Pro is the first and only podcast to spotlight bold, black women entrepreneurs who have grown their “side hustle” into full on profitable businesses! Nicaila recently spoke at Summit21, where she coached women on how to “take inventory on their passions and interests.” Showing us how to decide on a hustle that works for us and how to create balance! Nicaila’s got the secret sauce on scaling from side hustle to main hustle she’s sharing it with the rest of us! Follow her now and tune in to the podcast!

10. Marsha Barnes, Creator of The Finance Bar

top women on Instagram, The Finance Bar

Marsha, is helping millennials become masters of their money. She’s showing us how to get clear on our financial goals, form better money habits and live the life we deserve. We all know creating better money habits isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be. So check your money mindset at the door and kick your business into high gear with The Finance Bar! Besides, who wouldn’t like to be more confident when it comes to utilizing money for their business?

11. Maya Elious, Creator of Built to Impact

Top Women

Maya is a personal branding strategist who’s been showing experts how to get paid like one! Through private coaching sessions, her exclusive mastermind Impact Weekend and monthly membership Prep Academy, Maya is emphasizing methods to monetizing your gifts. If you want to learn how to “create profitable and impactful content that sells,” she’s the girl to whip your business into shape and snatch your edges in the process.

12. Myleik Teele, Creator of CurlBox


Mother, business woman, life snatcher, and friend in our head, Myleik Teele has been getting us in line for quite some time now. She uses her “instinctive ability to identify and market popular trends to the masses!” Whether it’s one of her clever tweets, the MyTaughtYou podcast or her MTYRetreat, she’s bound to inspire your entrepreneurial journey. Go ahead, hit that follow button again! This girl is gold!

13. Jereshia Hawk, Creator of Services That Sell

top women on instagram, Services That Sell

Jereshia, is your “High Ticket Sales Coach,” leading the way towards consistently converting clients. This girl is just bursting with brilliance and confidence boosting energy! Encouraging us to “stop solving broke people problems” as business owners, Jereshia is laying out the steps to creating stable income with Services that Sell. Stop delaying the process, “buckle up and commit.”

Building a network of other women who know the way around their respective industries is crucial in our own progress and the overall success of women everywhere! If you’re going to scroll your timeline, make sure it’s full of value! Take a moment, step away from your work and make social media worth your while!

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