Let’s Trigger the Algorithm

by Ivy Knight November 20, 2022
Let’s Trigger the Algorithm

For the peeps already on my email list, we talked about the ever-changing instagram algorithm a couple days ago. Even the most thought out, high quality reels & posts can go unnoticed because of various factors determining the relevancy of your content. Sometimes those factors appear so “incredible” that reaching our audience feels to out of reach *dramatic pause* or so we thought. That said, if we want our content to start ranking as relevant to the algorithm, we need to “trigger” it.

What Do You Mean Trigger?

A trigger is simply a stimulus that brings out a reaction. Our trigger (the content) should evoke a reaction (emotion, thought, or general interest) to our brand, service, product or idea. This initial reaction, should then lead to another action. In most cases, that “action” won’t happen immediately. Over time, our continued triggering helps our audience become more familiar with our brand personality. If we do this right, creating the perfect “call to action” (CTA), placing it at just the right time, is how we begin to build that trust. Organically.

We need to trigger the algorithm for 30 consecutive days with quality, relevant content. Let me know you’re ready to pull the trigger in the FB group!!

Our Simplified Trigger Strategy

  1. Set your goals. What do you want from your intended growth on social media?
  2. Plan the content
  3. Produce the content calendar
  4. Create the content.
  5. Post/Promo the content. More than once. Continuously. Consistently.
  6. Measure, then repeat.

Whew chile, that was a lot! And honestly, I know that’s why most of us aren’t consistent in the first place. Half of us, see this list and immediately roll our eyes. Because we know the amount of time and effort it takes to get this done. The other half of us, completely under estimate this process and skip some or do them out of order. Aint no way!

Get on the email list so you’ll know when we’re making our first move! And remember, we’re doing all of this together! So if at any point you’re confused about your content creation process, put it in the Facebook Group. There will be no good girlfriends left behind!

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