Unique, Is What It’s Giving

by Ivy Knight January 8, 2023
Unique, Is What It’s Giving

The picture might not be giving it, but what’s better than Beyonce? The lyrics of Alien Superstar is exactly what came to mind when I started writing this post. Yes, you are one of one. Yes, you’re thee ONLY one (like you), and yes we are still talking about content. But not that same kind of content you see being duplicated on social media. We’re talking about unique content!

There’s a ton of stuff floating around on social media as well as evergreen platforms. Some of it’s good, a ton of it’s “just okay” at best and a lot of it’s down-right boring!

When was the last time you created something really unique? Whatever inspired you in that instance, do more of it! Do more of it until unique and “really good” become your staple. If you can’t recall, then let’s look at your content creation tactics.

  1. How much content are you consuming? Yes, there is a such thing as too much.
  2. What kind of content are you consuming? Is it relevant to what you should be focusing on?
  3. Are you researching which topics consumers (in your niche) may be interested in?
  4. Does this subject even interest you? If it does, how are you making sure it interests your audience?
  5. Does the style of what you’re about to create match your brands personality? Or is it giving bland personality?

If you want to read more on types of content consumers are leaning toward in 2023, listen to this!

The idea is, to be the “go-to girl” for high quality uniqueness when it comes to this content game. Outside of consistency, uniqueness should be a driving force when it’s time to create. This is the absolute way to make sure your product/service stands out from the noise & garbage that’s all over the socials. One queen I think is extremely good at this is Jenee from HighLowLuxxe! Her uniqueness builds long term relationships with her audience. They “buy in” to her content over and over (regardless of which platform she’s using) because they know she’s THAT girl to give them something new and original every time. And if it’s not a new concept she’s definitely got her own way of doing it. I want the same thing for you.

The key to “Unique” is The Confidence Factor.

It doesnt always have to be extravagant and over the top either. Sometimes uniqueness is subtle and understated. Other times it’s big, and doing a lot. Embrace both!

For bloggers, write about a topic you really want to know about but haven’t found many options online and see how your audience reacts. If you’re a Youtuber, instead of joining in on that trending video (I get it, you want the views), give us something vulnerable and transparent (people love the tea too, so give us the tea about you). If you’re a style influencer, give us some brands that no one is talking about instead of that same old #FashionNovaPartner bit!

Unique may actually feel out of place to you in the beginning. But that’s only because it’s new to you. Sometimes being yourself, embracing your own unique identity and creating original content, is like building muscle. So, keep at it babe! And if you feel like it isn’t working, then pull your own receipts! Have you been doing it consistently enough to even say it’s really not working? What do your analytics say?


  1. Revisit your brands message, as well as your personal story/message.
  2. Unplug from social media for a bit.
  3. Take note (literally) of the ideas that come to mind while you’re unplugged.
  4. Don’t look for comparative content. look for what’s missing, then fill in the gap.
  5. #4 is the only thing your content should be compared to.

You’re not reinventing the wheel, you’re just creating your own style. The girls that get your style, get it. The ones that don’t, oh well. What’s unique about your content is YOU. Yes, your business idea is very much personal, because somehow it’s connected to the story that makes up all of you!

If you want your brand to be colorful instead of using the same trendy and flat neutral tones, then do that! If you don’t want to take that staple picture holding the coffee mug then don’t! Get off the kitchen countertop with the crossed legs and fake smile just because that’s what everyone else is doing on Pinterest.

Stop giving us the watered down version girl, and pop yo ish! Take a risk, we need more of that out here. Embrace your unique honey!

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