We’re Starting Together

by Ivy Knight November 6, 2022
We’re Starting Together

If you follow me on Instagram you noticed in September, I decided to “trigger the algorithm” by consistently pushing out content for 30 consecutive days. The goal was to grow the following on my business page for obvious reasons. Clearly I didn’t make it to 30 days, but that’s because I had an even better idea! We’re starting this together.

I’m talking about content for your business.

I figured since we’re already good girlfriends, you wouldn’t mind doing this with me! Not only would this be a way for us stay consistent and accountable; but also keep us fresh & creative! We can also talk about all the stuff surrounding content creation, right here! This is a safe space where we can be transparent & bounce ideas off one another. We can even have a good “kee” about things that didn’t work out so well, but how we can pivot moving forward!

Our hangups with ideas, consistency, and engagement, shouldn’t be keeping us from what we know works!

At this point, we know the weight content holds regarding giving our businesses the exposure they deserve, and producing the growth results we need. We also know creating the actual content can feel like a chore and possibly make us a little insecure.

Girl, as I’m typing this I’m not even able to see insights on my page yet. I currently have a total of 48 followers on Instagram. But I’m convinced, if we can agree to starting on content together, it won’t feel so difficult. It may actually help minimize the amount of excuses we come up with too, but I’ll just mind my business on that one.

If you have no clue where to begin & need some ideas, start here!

Hopefully this will spark that creative mind & you’ll end up pouring out impactful, audience building, content!

I need you to do the following items before we get started:

  1. Join the email list. This is where all the real goodies will be!
  2. Join the FB group. Introduce yourself because we’ll continue the conversation about the juicy stuff from the emails here.
  3. Follow TWG on Instagram! Leave me some green hearts in the comments and let me know what you’re excited about getting started on first!

Get Into This

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