What is Content

by Ivy Knight January 29, 2023
What is Content

Okay so maybe I should have led with this but I didn’t realize we hadn’t addressed it directly. We’ve heard the term ‘content is king.’ But what exactly is it? To make it really plain, everything is content. Anything that has value to your audience.

Content is the most important part of your business, evergreen platforms and social media. It can be copy (text), images, videos or audio. These can be created by anyone in any industry—your brand, your customers, even your competitors. Ranging from anything like an article on a blog to a Facebook post about your latest product launch, or fundraising campaign.

Main Types of Content

  • Social Media Posts (video, audio, static photos)
  • Evergreen Platforms (website copy, blog posts)
  • Articles (PR related, and general)
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Why It’s Important?

  • foundation of your brand.
  • a way to connect with your audience.
  • builds trust with your audience.
  • educates your audience.
  • entertains your audience


Posts, in general are the most common since these qualify as anything you put on the internet. They are not specific to type. If it goes on the web, and is static (as in doesn’t change, expire, automatically removed) it’s a post. For example, a blog “post”, Instagram “post”, Facebook “post”. Posts can be any of the above related types of content.

Mainly because, these mediums allow us to post multiple times a day due to the “lifespan” of a single post on any platform. For example, I read somewhere (years ago) that the lifespan of a tweet is only 11 seconds. Well, that sounds about right based on how many times you can tweet within a minute. The point is, there are millions of users on every platform and they have hundreds of thousands of decisions ever seconds about who and where they devote their attention for the next 11 seconds. Hence, you should be creating content. as often as possible.


Pictures are currently the least converting or engaging form of content. Mostly, static pictures, though still valuable, are used to house text graphics. For instance, text graphics can be a lead magnet for a product or service. But they can also be just the cover photo for a video.


Audio can be attached to any video or static photo (which in some cases would make it a video), but is still considered content on its own. That said, the audio does not have to match what is happening in the video. It could be voice-over (you explaining something), a song from a movie or soundtrack, or even someone else’ audio that describes or implies what you’r doing in your own video!


Video is the most engaging type of content, so use it to show off your brand’s personality. Use video to

  • Demonstrate products or services
  • Showing how to do something
  • Highlighting testimonials and user content
  • Create live video, showing BTS (behind the scenes) of what you do in your business. Talking directly to your audience about a new product, a launch of a new service; or even just about a conversation to ask questions or give your audience/customers an update on what’s going on.

With each of these examples, the point is just to get creative. If you have no clue where to start, its fine to pull inspiration from other places. Tap in with some of your faves on IG, or other business owners within your niche or industry for ideas on how they put their own twist on content creation. You can even use Pinterest as a search engine for ideas. Whatever you do, always be sure you’re adding your own style and brand personality to everything you do! The goal is to share your business ideas, products, or services with the world and with your own personal flavor. Thats, what the fuel that social media lives on. We don’t need more copies of flavor that’s already out there. Your brand, your brands personality and message, that’s what content is!

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