What Planning in 2020 Looks Like

by Ivy Knight March 23, 2020
What Planning in 2020 Looks Like

With my new schedule, I’ve been able to maximize my time and really block out my goals for the next few months. The main goal?–Consistency for sure! What better way to achieve consistency than…effective planning! This plays a major role in helping me keep my focus and stay in the game. I’ve been blogging since 2015 but I’d never been able to accomplish consistency.

Planning looked more like a sticky note on the front of a notebook I labeled TWG and screenshots from Pinterest on my phone. But through trial and error, I created a process that I was able to fine tune.

With a handful of badly planned and mildly executed blog posts and photoshoots I just wasn’t satisfied. I constantly referenced other blogs for good copy, magazines for post worthy content and graphics and gathered tons of inspiration of my own. BTW, Melissa Griffin has tons of resources to help your planning; whether it’s a blog launch, or business launch, she’s got you! Here’s the quick version of how I plan my blog posts!

Prioritize, Proceed, Produce

Prioritize: Pick out the pieces of the puzzle

  1. I write out a list of about 10-15 potential topics I could cover (don’t throw this list away; you’ll come back to it often).
  2. Staying in line with my niche, I narrow down a subject or two for each category referenced on my blog (lifestyle, blogging etc). You want to make sure there is coverage throughout your categories so your audience has a variety to choose from.

Proceed: Put the puzzle together

  1. Im scheduling days to write and a days to shoot my visuals (I’d do these separately because you want to do them in bulk). Set aside a day to edit photos. Write out how you plan to promote the posts and schedule your posts for the blog and your social media platforms.
  2. Pull together any supporting pieces. If it’s a style shoot pull together your look from head to toe. This includes makeup and hair accessories. Next you want to pick out your location. If its a lifestyle shoot, flesh out your setting/background. If you need props now is the time to decide. Give it a test run! Set up your camera and try the angles if need be. Jump on Pinterest and find some similar photos of what you’re trying to do. This gives you a visual of potential angles, ideas for props and ideas for poses. Don’t want to freeze up in front of the camera!

Produce: Put your plan into motion, literally!

  1. Sit down and actually write the post!
  2. Grab your camera and actually take the pictures!
  3. Edit the photos
  4. Schedule the posts
  5. Promote

This process is what’s helped me bridge the gap between planning and execution! The rhythm is always plan then execute; plan then execute. Sidebar: Planning is definitely a phase you can get stuck in but you have to remember it’s just one part of the process! Plan then produce, that’s it! In the comments below, let me know if you’d like to see video content on this same subject.

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