What the Perfect Sunday Looks Like

by Ivy Knight June 5, 2019
What the Perfect Sunday Looks Like

If you’re a working woman anywhere, you know how crucial the weekends are to the productivity of your hustle. Sunday is especially important, as it’s usually the day most people use to get themselves ready for the coming week, make plans for their businesses, their families and personal lives. Does anyone else need a day to “prepare for landing” from the highs of free time, relaxation, and sleeping in? Well, if you’re a Weekend Girl, there isn’t much of that. However, there are still small moments to seize and savor. Our lives consist of so much more than just blowing through tasks of the week. Growth is dependent on engaging with other people, being present, and being still enough to allow reflection to happen organically. Cheers to having an amazing work week, started with the perfect Sunday!


Secure your plans for the week. Sunday is the best time to get a head start on your plans for everything happening in the next 6 days. Maybe you’re in school, you have children, or work a regular 9-5, or all of the above. The one thing we all have in common here is that we’re all in pursuit of something else too! That “little” hustle on the side you’re trying to make your main thing? Yes, that’s something to be intentional and strategic about. Balancing all those things is no easy feat so you need to be as focused as possible. You’ve got to have a plan in order to be successful. Write it out, post it on the wall, put reminders in your phone, whatever it takes. This is essential to seeing where you have extra time to give to your special projects. An extra 30 minutes here or 2 hours there. When you take time to set plans in motion, even when things “come up,” it’s easier to pivot. Stay on track, don’t get distracted, stick to the plan! Do this at the top of your Sunday day so you can fill the rest of the day with relaxation and enjoying your family.

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Self Care

Plenty of things are considered self care. Painting your own nails that new summer color ((because we’re on a budget and you’re investing every penny you can into your business). Taking a nice bath, with a glass of wine or even giving yourself 30 minutes of quiet time to read or journal or something. Yes, all of these count! When we take time for ourselves, it pays off in other areas in your life too. However you chose to celebrate self care, be specific in setting aside that time. Through the week we get drained, overloaded and plain stressed out! Minutes start to run together and it seems like we don’t have time for anything in between. We say to ourselves “if I could just get to the weekend and do this one thing for myself.” Use this time to put life and other things into perspective, for you.

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Who doesn’t want to make the weekend last forever? The key to feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your week is to take it slow. Take your time and enjoy these moments. There is absolutely nothing worse than starting a Monday and feeling like you did nothing you wanted and now you’re rushing to get to next weekend all over again. Stop worrying and dreading the week to come, just be present in this moment and practice gratefulness. Be absolutely present. Savor this moment, right now.

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