Wherever You Are: Just Start There

by Ivy Knight June 3, 2019
Wherever You Are: Just Start There

Each of us has that little bit of something inside that wants more out of life. For the most part, you’re absolutely right, you should want more! But think about this. Is there a chance, the things you’ve been asking for more of haven’t fallen into place because you haven’t been a good steward of what you already have? I mean, you’re asking for increase, but you haven’t used or taken advantage of what’s already there. Here’s one thing we all have to remember: Just start, with what you have, wherever you are

There is nothing more frustrating than having the desire to achieve or create something, especially start a business, but feel like you don’t have all the tools you need. I believe when we’re down to nothing, is when we’re most creative. So what is it that makes us feel like we don’t have those tools to start that business, that blog, the podcast, become a motivational speaker or even a photographer (#QTNA)? As soon as you think of something productive to do, here come the excuses. “I can’t start a style blog because I can’t afford to go shopping. There’s no way I could be a photographer because I don’t have that $3000 camera. I can’t open that restaurant because I don’t have an investor.” But here’s the game changer you’ve been waiting for…

Most people who have those things now, more than likely didn’t start with them.

The key is being resourceful. Resourcefulness is doing what you can with what you have, wherever you are. How crafty, innovative, creative, frugal and responsible can you be with what you already have? If you’re a style blogger but you can’t shop every week, then jump on Pinterest and learn to remix every item in your closet, or go thrifting. Want to be a photographer but don’t have the means for that pricey camera? Then get familiar with different settings on the iPhone camera, borrow a camera from a friend, or rent one from the local university. If you want to be a motivational speaker, but you don’t have an audience to speak in front of, join Toastmasters , start speaking to your followers on social media, have gatherings at your house and create the space to speak! You have to find value in what’s already there! I’m telling you, simple but life changing!

Tip: Get off social media.

You will never understand what’s at the core of accomplishing anything with social media being your single source of stimulation. Social media is shiny, it’s glamorous and it attracts the applause we all wanted and desired at some point or another? It’s the highlight reel. It’s also distracting as heck! It distracts you from value you already possess, the tools you already have and it emphasizes what you “lack.” It will push you to compare yourself to those, who seem to be “winning.” Granted, some of those people actually are winning. But Instagram wasn’t the first place they won. They won behind the scenes, putting in the work, using what they had! The difference is, there’s no highlight on the behind the scenes sweat, grit, sacrifice, hard-work and resourcefulness (is also what make you a Weekend Girl) it takes to get to wherever they are. Why? Because no one likes that part, it doesn’t garner the attention the shiny stuff does, its boring and plainly put, it’s HARD!

Take this blog for example. Initially, I couldn’t afford to purchase a domain name and have my own website (see my old blog here). This started off as a style blog, but I also couldn’t afford to go shopping every week either. I went to my closet, pulled out all the pieces I wanted to work with, and started putting together outfits. Another thing I did, was pivot. I started creating content from a different angle. I thought to myself, “what other kind of content can I produce that doesn’t involve me having to shoot an outfit look”…turns out there was plenty else I could write about. Guess what else I couldn’t afford, a photographer for product shoots. I’d use stock photos from Pinterest or other places. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do those things forever if I wanted to get serious with blogging, but that’s also the point. If you’re serious about doing something, you’ll find a way to make things work for you!

So what’s the bottom line?

It takes time to develop yourself, your business or your craft into what it’s ultimately supposed to be. You’ve got to take baby steps and you have to go through every step of the process. However, you will absolutely never get “there” if you don’t just start wherever you are. Whatever you already have, use it. Wherever you’re already planted, grow there then flourish.

Photography by Maya for TheWeekendGirl

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