How to Actually Get Work Done from Home

by Ivy Knight July 3, 2019
How to Actually Get Work Done from Home

Getting work done from home is like the NBA playoffs for entrepreneurs. You’re pumped just thinking about all the work you can get done. It’s full steam ahead after you’ve enjoyed that cup of coffee while standing in the kitchen like the 90’s Foldgers coffee commercials. Your laptop is fired up and ready to go! Then–the phone rings, you spot a pile of laundry that could be going while you type a blog post. The trash that’s been sitting for 2 days starts to smell. You notice a picture on the wall slightly crooked. Now, all of a sudden you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of going through the loose pictures in the back of the photo album and you’re trying to figure how exactly you’re related to cousin JonJon on your dad’s side. Epic fail.

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I’m sharing 7 ways to get work done from home!

Start Early

You’ve got to start your day early just as you would if you were going to the office. We’re more alert in the morning which gives you more time to pace yourself throughout the day!

Get Out of the Bedroom

Don’t get that comfy! No matter how many hours of sleep you had, that beautiful plush bed will always call your name. If it’s not the bed, it’s the closet full of fashionable sparkly distractions. Whether you could focus on reorgnizing, or counting how many pairs of black shoes you have, it’s a trap! Get out of the bedroom all together.

Get Dressed

One thing we–as women, drool over about working from home is that we don’t have to slap on makeup and a bra. But, you should at least want to get halfway decent. So, pull bonnet off, throw on some pants (ok, they can be yoga pants) and put some lip gloss on. It will help your mind get into gear and focus better rather than staying in your robe and pajama pants.

Don’t Turn on Your Favorite Pandora Station

Yes, pretty girls love trap music. I like to jam while I’m cleaning too but that doesn’t mean I can be productive with my favorite song on the radio. That goes for the television, social media, anything. Before you know it, you’re twerkin’ around the kitchen getting 20 minutes of cardio in and you should have been answering emails. If it’s not related to your work, turn it off for the next couple hours and focus.

Set Boundaries

I talk about holding myself accountable by creating a schedule here. A schedule allows me to see how much time I can devote to one project before I move on to the next thing. While you’re home, set up your tasks in increments of an hour or so, whatever works best for you. Maybe you want to work for 4 hours straight then devote yourself to a house chore. You’re mothers, you’re wives, you’re single women trying to balance! Maintain your daily responsibilities but “be still” long enough to see results with your work. You do this by setting boundaries and structure for your day.

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Get Away from the Core of the House

This is the family room with the huge tv and all the kids toys, the laundry room and especially the kitchen. These places should be avoided for obvious reasons. I love food, and just the thought of a snack can derail me for 30 valuable minutes. Every moment is precious time when you’re home. Curse those interruptions and go on a fast until you’ve exhausted the time you obligated yourself to productivity.

Create a work space you love

There’s no possible way to be successful in getting work done from home if you don’t have a space you absolutely love. If you created a work space like this that just about takes care of everything I mentioned before. This room or space makes you excited to get out of bed and away from the center of the house. Everything in the room is influencing your productivity so you don’t think twice about the distractions of music or attempting to multi-task (I was literally in the middle of another blog post, then started getting ideas for this one. It’s Sunday, I’m prepping for my week and wrote out a list of things I need to do before the day is over).

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This space belongs to you. Make it warm and welcoming and watch your business or your side hustle grow! Working from home is to be taken full advantage of, so you do it the right way.

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